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Between FirstBank And Access Bank Which One Is Better

FirstBank And Access Bank

Ever wanted to get a Nigerian Bank Account and you are confused as to which Nigerian Bank is good. Well in this article we’ll do a quick comparison between FirstBank and Access Bank to see which one is better.

Please note that this comparison is not meant to make any of Bank look bad. Both FirstBank and Access Bank are very good Nigeria Banks that provide wonderful services. There are some things you should take into consideration before you open an Account with any bank.

The comparisons will be from how easy it is to open a Bank Account in these banks. Their customer service and response rate. The mobile banking and internet banking among others.

Comparison Between FirstBank And Access Bank of Nigeria

To begin lets start with the different means of opening a Bank Account in both of these banks

Ways To Open Bank Account
Access Bank Nigeria

There are about 5 ways to open Bank Account with Access Bank of Nigeria. The ways are as listed below

  • Access Bank Mobile App
  • Through the internet using the Access Bank website
  • Using the Access Bank short code
  • Visit any Access Bank branch in Nigeria
FirstBank Nigeria

There are about 5 ways to open Bank Account with FirstBank of Nigeria. The ways are as listed below

  • FirstBank Mobile App
  • Through the internet using the FirstBank website
  • Using the FirstBank short code
  • Visit any FirstBank branch in Nigeria
Available Debit Cards For Customer

With Access Bank your Debit Card can be given to you with ease. Customers can have Debit Cards within a day to 7 days after applying for the Debit Cards.

FirstBank also have a very good system to issue Debit Cards. The best part of FirstBank is that they can give you a customized Debit Card. You can choose how you want your Card to look like and it will made available for you. This is an edge for customers who likes fancy Debit Cards.

Internet And Transaction Process

Access Bank holds the record of fast internet processing and transaction processing in Nigeria. They have good internet and online presence. Almost all processes and even loan application are fully automated.

FirstBank is yet to automate some of its process online. And they have relatively slow transaction process as it takes time to send Debit or Credit notifications most times.

We give this to Access Bank as they have upper hand when it comes to internet and transaction processing. This does not mean that FirstBank don’t have good transaction processing. It just means that Access Bank have a better transaction processing speed.

Making Cashless Withdrawals In Designated ATMs In Nigeria

It seems that both Access Bank and FirstBank currently supports this feature. You can make withdrawals from any ATM without your Debit Cards. This is the next generation of Withdrawals as only few banks supports this feature currently in Nigeria. You use This Link to read about how to set up your Account for Cashless Withdrawals.

Customer Care And Support System

We’ll have to give this to FirstBank of Nigeria. Although Access Bank have good online presence and good response rate, but the FirstBank customer support system is better. FirstBank even have the #YouFirst hashtag that they use on Twitter and Instagram to attend to its customers.

The FirstBank Customer support system respond to almost every complaints on Twitter. You can see the screenshot below to see response rate.

Firstbank Twitter

Cost Of Maintaining A Bank Account

Surprisingly the cost of banking with these two banks are relatively reasonable. For example, they both require a minimum of N5,000 to open a standard Current Account. Both Banks also allow for zero banking and maintenance fee for Debit Card is still  N52.

So when it comes to cost of maintaining account, both banks are on same level. They offer easy ways to maintain the bank account.

Number Of Savings And Current Account

Both Banks have numbers of Savings and Current Accounts that you can select from. Below are list of account from both Banks that fits the needs of every one

  1. Evergreen Savings Account for the elderly.
  2. Kid Savings Account for children below 16 years(and even unborn children)
  3. Premium Savings Account.
  4. Instant Savings Account
  5. Student Savings Account
  6. Target Savings Account
  7. Premiere Current Account
  8. Business Current Account
  9. Personal Current Account

If you need fast internet processing then Access bank is you best choice.  But if you prefer quick customer support then FirstBank is your best choice.

We’ll be drawing the curtain of comparison between FirstBank and Access Bank here today. This post will be updated from time to time as these banks make changes to their structures.


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