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Bank Account Security: Simple Tips To Help Your Bank Secure Your Account

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The issue of Bank Account Security is one you should take very seriously. Some persons have overlooked some important Bank account security tips and they have suffered for it(some are still suffering from it).

In one if our articles we put together some major Online Banking Security Tips that you should take very seriously. In this article we’ll be talking about how you can help your bank in keeping your account secure. This means that this article is written with you in mind.

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It is important to note that when it comes to securing your bank account you also have an important role to play. While it is true that your bank or financial institution is responsible for securing your account it is also true that you are the key man.


Online theft and fraudsters knows that they can do little or nothing against most financial institution. The truth is attacking banks to steal data is nearly impossible. But attacking you is a more easier way to steal your money.

You might wonder how you can be a victim. Its simple giving out personal information is a way of opening the door for online theft to have access to your account. There are ways you can help your bank secure account. Check out the tips below

1. Keep You Debit Card Secure:

Debit/Credit cards are one of the easiest way to steal your money. Truth be told, your bank little or not control over your debit card. Master Card, Visa Card and the likes are separate financial companies.

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Stealing from Debit/Credit card is super easy more so with the advancement of technology. There are four important part of your debit/credit card. One the Name of card Holder, two the Long Serial Number of the Card, three the Expiry Date of the card and four the CVV or CVC(The three digit at the back of the card).

If somehow someone manage to get a hold of all four information above, there is a 70% possibility he/she can use your card to make online purchase.

2. Secure Personal Information:

Your personal information includes, Your date of Birth, Social Security Number(SSN), Drivers license and Billing Address.

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All information above are linked to your debit cards and bank account. Now if someone have all the details above about you then there is 90% possibility that he can either transfer money from your debit card or your bank account.

3. Security Questions:

Overtime banks have realized that most persons fail to keep their personal information secure. Most financial institution have devised a new means to keep your account secure and that is through Security Questions.

You are the only person expected to have answers to these questions. This means that you can’t give these answers out to anyone. This is what we like to refer to as the last line of defense. Giving out the answers to this question like handing over the key to the padlock of your bank account.

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Bank Account Security is a very serious issues and should be handled as such. Now your bank can do little or nothing in some cases when your account get compromised.

If you want your bank account to be secure it therefore means you also have to play your part. Keep your debit/credit card secure. Don’t give out personal information that will compromise your bank account. And lastly keep the answers to your Security Questions secure.


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