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5 Simple Steps To Apply For Access Bank Vehicle Finance

Access Bank Vehicle Loan

In this article we’ll give you a step by step guide on how you can successfully apply for this loan offer. The steps above are broken down from the access bank website. This guide is to help you when filling access bank vehicle loan application form online.

The Access bank Vehicle Finance is also known as the Access bank vehicle loan. In our Previous Article we gave an overview of what this loan is all about. The article above also include the many benefits of the Access bank vehicle finance.

Things You Need To Apply For Access Bank Vehicle Finance/ Access bank Vehicle Loan
  1. A Smartphone, PC or laptop.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Power supply.
  4. Access bank account.
  5. CLICK HERE to read about other document requirements.
How To Apply For The Access Bank Vehicle Finance/ Access bank Vehicle Loan
  1. Go to Access Bank website
  2. Fill in your personal details
  3. Enter your employment details
  4. Fill your financial status
  5. Enter details of the vehicle you wish to buy
  6. Provide facility details

1. CLICK HERE to visit the Access bank online application form portal.

2. The first stage of the online application is refer to as PERSONAL DETAILS. Here you provide details about yourself, contact address and resident address. It seems that you can also apply for this loan offer from outside Nigeria. See the picture below for a sample on how to fill the first stage of the application form.

Access Bank Vehicle Finance

From the above the most important parts are VALID MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION. Then you can also use your contact address as your residential address.

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3. The next step is about EMPLOYMENT DETAILS. Here you get to give more details about your work status. See the picture below to get a sample of how to fill this stage. Important details to include are, your company name(specify if you work for a government company). Your work ID, your occupation, the industry of your company. See picture below.

Access Bank Vehicle Finance

4. Now that are through with the employment details its now time for you to bring info about your FINANCIAL STATUS. This details include your bank information and history.

If your salary is credited to your Access bank account please specify in the appropriate box. If you have an access bank salary account will increase your chances of getting the Loan offer. But if you have bank account with another bank please specify the name of bank. See sample picture of this stage below.

Access Bank Vehicle Finance

5. We are now to the next stage which is the details about the VEHICLE you want to purchase. Here you select the brand of the vehicle, the dealer you want to buy from, the model and the year the vehicle was manufactured. See sample picture of this stage below.

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Access Bank Vehicle Finance

6. Facility Details is the last stage of this loan offer. This is the easiest of all the stages. Here you select equity contribution and based on your employment details, financial details Access bank will then give you the amount of loan that best suites you. See sample picture of this stage below.

Access Bank Vehicle Finance

Select the Tenor of the loan maximum Tenor is 48 months(Approximately 4 years). The minimum tenor is 12 months(1 year). Tick the Select The Acknowledgement and Agreement click OK and SUBMIT your application. See sample picture below.

Mntrends have put together simple loan calculators to help you better understand your loan. CLICK HERE to use the general loan calculator. If you would like to use Mntrends Auto loan calculator then CLICK HERE. For the Mortgage Loan calculator CLICK HERE to use the simple calculator.

It takes a maximum of 7 days to get reply for your loan application. The Access bank vehicle finance is easier to get than you might have thought. We hope this guide helps you to get your loan approved within days of your application.


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