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How To Perform Basic Operations In New MMM Website


So i came across the New MMM website and its activities, to be honest its operations so far is pretty impressive. Have been in WhatsApp groups where millions and thousands of money is PH daily. Makes me wonder though how far people are willing to go and make money. Then i thought to myself that if people are willing to risk MMM then we might as well just help them. How about showing them how to perform basic operations in new MMM website. Sounds cool right?

The basic operations in New MMM include how to open a new MMM account. Ways to set up your bank account in new MMM website. How to Add your cryptocurrency wallet address. And How to PH in local cash and how to PH in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It will also include how to GH your money and write letter of happiness.

The above is just the summary of what we’ll be showing you in a bit. So if you want to learn about the above please continue reading but if you are not a fan of MMM please just read this post about Forex Trade instead.

List Of Basic Operations In New MMM Website

There are lots of things you need to put in place before you start using your new MMM account. Lets start from the very beginning.

  • How to Create your new MMM Account
  • Add your Bank account and Cryptocurrency Wallet Address
  • Create your first PH request in cash or cryptocurrency
  • Making Payment and Uploading proof of payment
  • Creating your first GH request
How To Create A New MMM Account

To create a new MMM account is pretty easy and straightforward. The things you need to create an account is not that difficult to get. Below are the things you need to create a new MMM account

Things You Need To Create A New MMM Account
  1. A valid email address
  2. Working phone number
  3. Your full name as appear in your bank account

With the above details you can use this Official Link from MMM to register a free MMM account. Once you are through with the registration process a link will be sent to your email address. Go to that link and use it to access the MMM activity dashboard.

Note: Don’t touch or edit the invite box in the MMM  form. Just fill all empty space in the MMM form and submit for approval.

When you click the link sent to your email, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked to change your password. Just type in your new preferred password.

You’ll receive a success message and be redirected to the log in page with your email and password pre-filled. Just click the log in button and sign in to your new MMM account. Now let’s talk about setting up your new MMM account.

Adding Your Bank Account And Cryptocurrency Wallet Address To Your New MMM Account

This is the next important step after creating your new MMM account. You have to add your bank account details. To do this just click the ACCOUNT button from the menu options.

Steps to Add Your Bank Account In MMM Dashboard
  1. Click on ACCOUNT from the menu
  2. Select Add New Account from the next page.
  3. Select the account type. There are four types of account, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bank.
  4. If you select Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin you’ll be asked to provide a wallet address. Note that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin have different wallet address. A bitcoin wallet address won’t work for Ethereum or Litecoin and vice versa. A typical wallet address look like this “1AFFXecAxmQT6WEu5eKaCa2iuaqLgthe8X“. This is a typical example of a bitcoin wallet address.
  5. If you select Bank from the option you’ll be asked to provide the following. Bank Account name as it appears in your Bank Account, Account Number, Bank Name and BIC or Bank code. BIC is a bank swift code used for wire transfer. You can ask your bank to provide you with this. “UNAFNGLA” is an example of BIC and its for UBA Bank customers only.
  6. Click the SAVE button and the account will be added to your new MMM Account.

It’s time for your to try and invest or donate in MMM to start making some money. The next step will be about how to create your PH order.

How To Create PH Order Or PH Request In Your MMM Account

PH simply means “Provide Help”. It’s a term used in MMM to show someone that is willing to donate in the community. They refer to the person as providing help to someone else.

For every PH, a member is expected to receive a 50% in addition to his/her capital after 28 days. This means that if you PH 0.02BTC, you are expected to get 0.03 BTC within 28 days.

Steps To Create PH Order in MMM

Assuming you have logged into your MMM account. Follow the steps below

  • Click on the big I WANT TO PROVIDE HELP button. Usually green in the dashboard.
  • There are four ways to PROVIDE HELP in MMM, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bank. Select the option that is most convenient for you and the one that you have added in your account for withdrawal.
  • Next is for you to select the mavro type. There are two types of mavro available, Mavro 30% and Mavro 50%. It means that you can either get 30% or 50% interest monthly. So you choose the one that works best for you.
  • The next step is for your to input how much you are providing as help. For Bitcoin  Ethereum and Litecoin the minimum PH is 0.001. While for bank the minimum PH is 2,000 Naira.
  • Click the SAVE button and you’ll be asked if you are sure to proceed with the PH request. Just click OK and the PH request will be processed. It’s time for you to wait for your PH order to be merged.

All PH order are usually merged between 1 to 28 days. A 20% of the PH order is merged after few days of PH. Other 80% is merged before the end of 28 days.

How To Make Payment And Upload Proof Of Payment In MMM

Now that you have PH successfully, your order will eventually get merged and you’ll have to make payment. It’s time we show you how to make payment and upload proof of payment for verification.

Steps To Make Payment and Upload Proof of Verification in MMM
  • Click on DETAILS just at the bottom right of the order.
  • The details box will open with the name of the person, account name, account number and bank name.
  • Now copy the bank account details and send the exact amount of money as indicated in MMM. Don’t send anything above the money shown in MMM and don’t send anything below too.
  • For Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, instead of a bank account a wallet address will be shown. Just copy the wallet address, go to your bitcoin wallet and send the exact amount of BTC, ETH or LTC as shown in MMM website.
  • Save a screenshot of the transaction. You can save a screenshot of the success message from your mobile app. Also a screenshot of your debit alert showing the name of recipients. Or you can visit a bank branch, pay the money and snap the teller as proof of payment. If you used an ATM snap the success page of the ATM and upload as proof of payment.
  • For BTC, ETH and LTC save screenshot of transfer as shown in your wallet. Some wallet providers send email of success BTC, ETH or LTC transactions. You can also save this screenshot and upload as proof of payment.
  • Click the I have made payment button and proceed to upload any of the screenshot mentioned above.

Note: Don’t pay money to any other account aside the one shown to you on MMM. If you that you stand a chance of losing the money and your MMM account. You should only pay to the bank account shown in MMM. Don’t also send BTC, ETH or, LTC to any wallet address aside from the one provided by MMM.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a PH order, paid for the order and now your Mavro or money is growing. Fast forward to 28 days later and you want to get your money plus interest out. How will you go about it  this brings us to the next basic operation in New MMM. That is the GH order or request.

How To Create a GH Order or GH Request in MMM

GH which also GET HELP refers to someone who needs help from the MMM community. For you to be able to GH successfully in MMM you must have PH within the last 28 days.

All GH request are sent to the account you added to your MMM account above. It can be sent directly to your bank account or to your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin wallet address.

Steps To Create A GH Order or GH Request in MMM

Assuming you have logged into your MMM account. Follow the steps below

  • Click the GET HELP button. Usually kind of yellow in color.
  • You are provided with four options of withdrawal. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bank. Select any option and click the next button.
  • If you select Bitcoin  Ethereum or Litecoin as the withdrawal option, all your available mavro for option will be shown in that format. You can select the Account you wish to withdraw to. Please note that you can withdraw Ethereum and select Bitcoin account as withdrawal account. Your ETH will be lost and so is the money. So select the right account for withdrawal.
  • All your related account will be shown to you. Select the one that fits the mind of withdrawal. If it’s Bitcoin you want to withdraw, select your bitcoin account. If it’s cash you Want to withdraw select your Bank account details. This way your money won’t be sent to the wrong place.
  • After you receive payment, you are expected to confirm that you received payment. So log in to your MMM account, click details of transaction and click Confirmed I Received Payment button.

Note: Don’t confirm any payment you didn’t receive the money. You can’t also make a GH request when you already have a pending PH request. Only one transaction can be done at a time. If you have a pending PH order you need to wait for that order to be fully merged and paid out before you can make a GH request.


Now that you have come to know how to Perform basic operations in New MMM. What are you going to do next. Are you willing to risk putting your money in MMM for a second time?

Remember that participating in MMM is at personal risk. Win or lose its up to you to enjoy or cry alone. But for now MMM is really paying its members and you can check out our Safety tips to participate in MMM. Have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.


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