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Understanding Some Basic Terms Use In Forex Trades


This might not be your first time of hearing about Forex trades. Well this might as well be your first time of actually hearing about Forex Trades. Either way, this article is meant to help you understand some basic terms as related to Forex trade.

Most times people get to mix up some Forex trade terms and we are here to help you understand these terms. We’ll be breaking them down on after the other, in some cases with related life examples.

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Basic Terms Use in Forex Trades

Below are some of the basic terms use in Forex trade

  1. Forex Trade
    2. A Forex Trader
    3. Forex Trade Expert
    4. Forex Trading
    5. Currencies
    6. Bots

The above are some terms related to Forex trades that we need to explain in simple terms. Please read more details about the above terms below.

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1. What Is Forex Trade

Forex trade is the predication of rise and fall between two currencies. This means that, you choose two currencies, then you predict the price between them. Which one will fall in price and which will have a price increase.

Take for example, you choose between EUR and USD(Euro and Dollar). In Forex trade it will be denoted as EUR/USD. You then bet money lets say $10 that within 1 minutes the price of USD will increase. If your prediction is right then you have made a profit. But if your prediction is wrong then you have made a lose.

Difference Between Binary Options And Forex Trade

While Binary Options have some shared similarities with Forex trades they are not same. Binary Options only works in 0s and 1s. Which means that you have just Yes or No, True or False. But Forex trades have something in between. In Forex trades you just don’t have a Yes and No situation.

In Binary options you only predict if the Price of the currency will fall or rise. But in Forex Trades you also have to specify how high the price will go or how low the price will fall.

This is why Forex Trades usually yield more profit for its traders compare to Binary options. Also Forex traders can also experience huge lose due to this factor.

2. Who Is A Forex Trader

A Forex trader is anyone that have access to predict the price between currencies with the aim of making profit. It also important to note that Forex traders can also experience lose if not properly handled.

The most known Forex traders are online platforms and websites that offer Forex trading services. These platforms and websites link you with the Forex market.

3. Who Is A Forex Trade Expert

Anyone that have the capability to fully understand the Forex trade market, understand when to buy and sell currency, also understand factors that affects the prices of these currencies can be referred to as a Forex Trade expert.

People who also own bots(Artificial Intelligence Software) that enables them make profit is also refer to as Forex trade expert. These experts are the ones who sell signals or bots that enables small traders make profit.

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4. What Is Forex Trading

The act of predicting the rise and fall of a currency with the aim, objective or goal of making profit is refer to as Forex trading. This means that the moment you start predicting the prices you have started Forex trading.

Forex trade have been around for a while and people have been making money from trading Forex. You can read This Article about how you can learn more from making profit as you trade Forex.

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5. What Are Currencies In Forex Trade

In Forex Trade, currencies refer to the commodities you are predicting its rise or fall. Currencies can also be refer to as commodities in Forex trades.

They can be any of the following

  • Gold
  • Dollars (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Japanes Yen
  • British Pounds (GBP)

The list is a very long one. And predicting the price of these currencies/commodities can bring in huge profits or lose.

6. What Are Bots or AI (Artificial Intelligence) In Forex Trades

Bots or AI(Artificial Intelligence) are computer base programs that are written with the purpose to help Forex traders make profits from trading Forex. They are designed or created to automate the Forex trading process.

With Bots or AI, Forex traders won’t have to do any job. They just have to start the bots and watch as it generates money for them. Bots or AI takes the work away from the traders.

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