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MMM Nigeria Returns With Promises To Help People Make Money

MMM Nigeria

The news hitting the internet right now is that the long gone MMM Nigeria is back. This time promising to make more money for Nigerians. The news of MMM Nigeria shut down rocked the news space in 2018 leaving lots of broken hearts.

If you can recall, following the death of is founder Sergei Mavrodi. MMM has announced a stop to all its activities in April 2018. All online websites stopped functioning and all money stuck in the system lost.

However, in a recent development the information reaching Mntrends is that MMM Nigeria is back. And this they promise to pay Nigerians and help recover lost money. While we can’t categorically tell the public if MMM will surely pay back their old money, we can however say with certainty that MMM is truly back.

They now have a functioning website that works just exactly as it does before its shut down in 2018. You can register for a Free Account Here and see how the new MMM works.

What We Know About The New MMM Nigeria

We have taken out time to gather some information about this new MMM and we have brought you this information. Below are some of the things we currently know about MMM Nigeria.

  1. That it is been operated under the name of the dead Sergei Mavrodi
  2. The new MMM is promising to pay back what your have lost when it shut down in 2018.
  3. We also know that the new MMM website was registered in January 2019 and only one year was paid for the domain that is set to expire by January 2020.
  4. We also know that the new MMM website was registered by someone with the residential details Registrant Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road Registrant City: Scottsdale Registrant State/Province: Arizona Registrant Postal Code: 85260 Registrant Country: US Registrant Phone: +1.480624259
  5. The new MMM website is registered by Godaddy and its registration details is set to private.
What We Do Not Know About The MMM Nigeria

But what are the things we do not know about the new MMM Nigeria. Below are some of our findings

  1. We do not know the actual owners of the new MMM. For all we can tell they are under the shadow of Sergei Mavrodi. They can as well be fraudsters looking to loot money like Sergei Mavrodi MMM back in 2018.
  2. We do not have a name of anyone responsible for running MMM currently.
  3. There is no related known email of anyone who is operating MMM.
  4. Mntrends can not also explain why the new MMM is operating from the shadows.
  5. As at the time of writing this post, we still can’t explain why the Contact and Technical information of the new MMM website is set to private. Our best guess is the founders and operators don’t want to be known.
  6. Why is the new MMM website recently registered and why is registered for only one year period. Is it because it will run for one year and disappear again? we still cant provide answers to this.

The closure of MMM in 2018 brought about a lot of pains and suffering to most Nigerians. Lots of money money got stuck, lots of persons became debtors and there were even news of suicide attempts flying around.

Will this new MMM Nigeria bring more suffering and heartache or will it bring balm to soothe the pains of Nigerians. Well we can’t specifically answer the above question but we can tell you that this new MMM is just getting started.

Base on the fact that this new MMM Nigeria is also operating as a Ponzi scheme, we would advice you to be careful should you decide to invest. Our best guess is that this new MMM won’t be around for a long time. You can register for a Free Account Here and see how the new MMM works.

Quick Note: Participating in this new MMM is risky hence we advice you to be very careful before you make your move.


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