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How To Manage Risk And Make Profit In Forex Trade


The very first warning you’ll get as you enter into the Forex Trade arena is “Your Capital Is At Risk”. This means that a Forex Trader can easily lose his/her capital at first trade. While there are risks associated with trading Forex, there are also the good sides.

However, before we jump right into the risk management and how to make profit, lets analyze the factors that can affect Forex Traders. In this article, we’ll explain how to identify these factors and how managing them can help you make profit in Forex Trade.

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Factors That Affect Forex Traders In Forex Trade

There are some negative factors that have bad effects on Forex trades as you trade them. We have a list of these negative factors below

  1. Greed
  2. Bad Internet network
  3. Personal Trade
  4. Wrong Decisions
  5. Continuous Trade
  6. Placing Too Much Money At A Time
  7. Emotions

Lets start by explaining the above factors one after the other. These short explanations should help you see the need why you should avoid making the above mistakes.

1. Greed

Greed is the act of trying to get more even when what you have is already more than enough. This means that Greed is a excess desire to want more than is needed. The Greed factor is one major problem when trading Forex. Why, because it is inbuilt and hard to resist.

Truth is, when you are trading Forex, you should learn to be content. Imagine making $100 from trading Forex within 2 hours and you still want to go for more. Why not relax and trade another day or later same day.

The Forex Market is prone to continuous change. These changes won’t ask your permission before they occur. This means that the once favorable market can easily turn into a disaster for Forex Traders. So knowing when to stop trading is an important factor.

2. Bad Internet Network

Trading Forest require good internet network. Bad Internet network can result to continuous loss in trades. Reason because the Forex market needs internet to bring market updates.

Most times when there is bad network, your phone hangs and the trade will take longer time to complete. So if you wish to manage risk then try and use good internet network to access your Forex Trading platform.

3. Personal Trade

Trading Forex personally is a good idea but it is not always the best idea. If you are trading personally you are prone to human errors. These errors are very costly and can make you loss lots of money if not properly handled.

But with the use of Forex Trading Bots or Artificial Intelligence (AI), one can easily maximize profit. These Bots or AI have been programmed to monitor the Forex market and trade on your behalf. Forex Trading bots or AI have a 80% success rate compare to human 55% success rate.

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4. Wrong Decisions

Knowing when to buy and sell commodity in the market is one of the major key to making profit. But some people usually make the wrong call, they predict the wrong direction hoping events will eventually turn sides for them. Now that is an unnecessary risk.

When predicting a currency, you have to make sound decisions as this will result to either loss or profit for you. So you must avoid making wrong decisions and try to use current events in making prediction.

Also know when to use your trading bots and when to turn them off. Just because these trading bots have high success rates does not mean there won’t be losses. Remember to avoid GREED and know when to stop your trading bot.

5. Continuous Trade

Avoid trading for a long time. Truth is humans get tired after doing one thing repeatedly for a period of time. And if you have been tired before you’ll know how nonchalant you become. Continuous trading is one mistake make by many traders that have led to loss of money.

This also include when trading with bots. Bots are programs and they also get tired. Also the Forex website is updated on regular basis. So you have to study the bot to see if its still making profit. So avoid a nonstop trading habit, this will help you feel relax and refreshed to trade again.

6. Placing Too Much Money At A Time

Well some traders are tempted to put huge sum of money while trading. It is true that this brings back huge profits. But what if there is a loss it also means that you’ll experience huge loss.

So don’t fall for the urge of placing too much money on a prediction. Be it trading yourself or using the trading bot don’t place too much. This way you can still stay in the trade even after some loses.

7. Emotions

Now this is a very important factor that one should consider. Emotions and feelings have made persons lost huge money when trading Forex. When you experience a mood swing please kindly stop trading.

Don’t trade when you are overly excited because you’ll overlook things and make lots of loses. Trading when you are also angry is very bad. You’ll be making decisions clouded with anger and that is bad too.

So learn to trade when you have a clear head and can think properly. This way your decisions won’t be clouded by over excitement or anger.


The above are human induced factors that can help you manage risk while trading. You should try to understand and limit the above factors to enjoy more successful trades. The Greed factor is one major problem that can easily take you down out of the market.

Forex trade can make you very rich but don’t forget that if not properly handled you’ll end up losing more than you bargain for. So be sure to trade smart and make profit as you trade Forex daily.

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