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Why Use Propeller Ads Network to Monetize Your Nigeria Blog

Propeller Ads Network

Most times the problem faced by many Nigerian Bloggers is the issue of Monetization. Maybe Google Adsense keeps disapproving or banning the Adsense account. Other times they are generating very small revenue from thousands of traffic coming to their website/blog. Which brings Propeller Ads Network into the picture.

Why most bloggers may be concerned with getting their Adsense Account approved, they could be making loads of money from Propeller Ads. There are various reasons why Nigerian bloggers should choose to use Propeller Ads Network and we’ll expose you to some.

What Is Propeller Ads Network

Propeller Ads Network is a CPM based advertsing company. What this means is that, they pay per impression(1,000 impression made CPM) and not per click(not CPC). Propeller Ads recently inrtoduced the CPS(Cost Per Subscription).

This advertising company is a better alternative to Google Adsense for various reasons. In this article we’ll show you why you should consider using Propeller Ads into monetize your blog.

Why Use Propeller Ads

There are lots of reasons to choose Propeller Ads. Some of these reasons makes it stand out from google Adsense and other advertising network.

  • Requires little or no space in your website
  • You can easily monetize all your traffic.
  • Policy and Terms of Service is relatively user friendly.
  • Constant Ads to be displayed in your blogs.
  • Easy to implement
  • Account creation and activation is near instant.
  • Do not interfere with other Ads like Google Ads, Media net etc.
  • Relatively high CPM rates.
  • Uses CPS to generate more money for its publishers.
1. Requires Little Or No Space In Your Website

This is one reason why you should make use of the Propeller Ads in your website. You only get to implement the code in the background of your website. There will be lots of space for other adverts to run.

You can also easily make use of the Direct Link options to insert Ads link in your articles and generate more revenue as visitors cli8ck on these links. It fits in seamlessly into your website background that even most visitors won;t notice.

2. You Can Easily Monetize All Traffic

Yes this is very true as regards Propeller Ads. Imagine have 2k visitors daily and all counting as making 5k impression. Propeller Ads runs in the background and as such all traffic is monetize automatically.

While visitors are navigating through your blogs/websites, popups and subscription notification will pop up. For Under Pop Up, you are paid, for each notification subscription,you are also paid.

3. Policy And Terms Of Service

Unlike Adsense that have strict policies as regards clicking, Propeller Ads only works with CPM which means that policy is user friendly. You get paid for generating impressions, hence you won’t be having invalid clicks like it happens with Google Adsense.

4. Constant Ads

Propeller Ads always have the contents to be advertised. They have lots of Advertisers around the world and they always display Ads to your visitors. While they might not be as big as google but they sure have a huge base of Advertisers.

5. Easy To Implement

The Ad units are very easy to set up and implement. Once you Sign Up for a free propeller ads account, you will be given codes to put in the HTML of your blog. just put these codes in the appropriate area(usually the <head>and <body> tag). Save the HTML and its done, its that simple.

6. Account Creation and Activation

Creating and getting your Propeller Ads Account approved is almost instant. Unlike Google Adsense where you wait for review of the website, Propeller Ads allows you to add your website/blog after you have created your account.

A Code will then be given to you to place in the <head> tag of your blog to verify the blog. Once the code is placed,you can then verify the blog and start creating Ads for your website/blog. You don’t have to wait days or even weeks like Google Adsense.

7. Works Well With Other Adverts

Propeller Ads does not interfere with other Adverts. It works well with other ads from the likes of Google, Media Net etc. The reason why Propeller Ads won’t interfere with other Ads is that they run in the background.

And when it eventually pops up its opened a new tab not in the website. This means that even Google unwanted contents won’t load from your website but in another Tab of the browser. Its a smart way to have multiple Ads in one website/blog.

8. High CPM

CPM can be as high as $3 for every 1k impression. This is high with regards to most advertising company paying $1 for every 1k impression. Also the region of traffic also contributes to the increase in CPM. The likes of Germany, USA, France attracts higher CPM.

9. Use Of CPS To Generate More Traffic

CPS is a new type of monetization been used by only Propeller Ads thus far. It is known as Cost Per Subscription. When you visit a website, you’ll be ask if you want to be receiving notification from this website. you click allow or disallow.

With this CPS, anytime a visitor clicks Allow to such notification in your blog you get paid. It is by far a much easier way to make money as most persons are likely to click the Allow notification button.

Propeller Ads is just perfect for Entertainment and News bloggers. Reason because these niche drive more traffic and they can easily monetize the thousands of traffic with Propeller Ads. We have put together a Step by Step Guide to help you register for a free Propeller Ads Account.

The Propeller Ads Network is a good way to generate extra revenue from blogging. If you have used Propeller Ads please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. If you need help setting up your account please use the Contact Us page to send us a message.


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