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How To Verify Blog In Propeller Ads And Start Making Money

Verify Blog In Propeller

The best part about setting up your blog for Propeller Ads is not just about opening the account. The best part is that it is super easy to verify blog in Propeller Ads. Unlike Google Adsense that requires your application to be approved or disapproved in weeks.

Verifying your blog in Propeller Ads is the second step to getting making more money with your blog. All ads are very easy to implement and it takes less than few minutes to set it up. Before we get to the Ads implementation in Propeller Ads, lets talk about Verifying your blog.

In this article, we’ll provide a step by step guide on how to easily implement Propeller Verification code in your blog. Good news is that you don’t need to have HTML skills before you can start the process.

How To Get Propeller Ads Blog Verification Code
  1. Create  a free Propeller Ads Account HERE
  2. From the menu click SITES button
  3. Now click ADD SITE button
  4. Type in the site url without “www”(e.g mntrends.com not www.mntrends.com)
  5. Click the Add Site button and the verification code for that website will be generated for you.
  6. Copy the code and follow the steps below. Please see picture below
  7. Verify Blog In Propeller Verify Blog In Propeller

Quick Note: Please note that only custom domain websites are approved by Propeller Ads. Free domain with the .blogspot or .wordpress extensions are not allowed.

How To Verify Blog In Propeller Ads(Placing The Propeller Verification Code)

There are two major HTML codes you should look out for before you start the verification process. The Header tags and the Body tags. All HTML tags have two tags, the opening tag(<head>) and the closing tag(</head>).

The Propeller Ads verification code should be placed below the opening head tag(<head>) but before the closing head tag(</head>). See example below

Typical Propeller Ads verification code below for WordPress blogs
<meta name=”propeller” content=”c9422e13766ca030493c058d998a0f83″>

Typical Propeller Ads verification code below for Blogger blogs(Modified)
<meta content=’c9422e13766ca030493c058d998a0f83′ name=’propeller’/>

Where ‘c9422e13766ca030493c058d998a0f83’ is your unique verification code.So be sure to replace that code with the one provided by Propeller for you.

<meta content=’c9422e13766ca030493c058d998a0f83′ name=’propeller’/>

Quick Note: For some reasons that is not yet resolved, the original Propeller Ads code won’t work with recent blogger templates. Although the code works well for WordPress blogs, it has to be modified a little bit before it can work with blogger blogs. Please see the differences above.

Propeller Ads Verification For Blogger: How To Locate The Head Tag In Blogger Blog
  1. Sign Into Your Blogger Blog
  2. Go to THEME from the options
  3. Click EDIT HTML button below the theme(Now you see lots of codes, don’t be scared follow step below).
  4. To find the head tag just press CTRL + F in your computer keyboard(control F).
  5. Type “head” in the search box that pops up and click the enter key
  6. Paste the blogger code below the <head> tag and click SAVE button at the top of the Blogger Page.
Propeller Ads Verification For WordPress: How To Locate Head Tag In WordPress Blog

There are two ways to locate the head tag for WordPress blogs. First is from your WordPress Dashboard and the second is from your root folder or WordPress directory.

How To Locate Head Tag from WordPress Dashboard
  1. Sign into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click Appearance from the menu
  3. Now Click Them Editor from the next menu
  4. At the right side select Header.php from the Theme Files options.
  5. Paste the WordPress Propeller Verification code from the sample above
  6. Save the file and its done.

Alternatively you can also update the Propeller Verification code from your WordPress site directory. To do this follow the steps below

How To Locate Head Tag from WordPress Directory
  1. Sign into your hosting company account
  2. Go to the Cpanel
  3. Locate File Manage option and Click to open
  4. Click the Public_HMTL folder
  5. Now Open Wp-Content folder
  6. Double Click Themes folder
  7. Select and open your Current WordPress Theme
  8. From all options locate and open the header.php file
  9. Paste the Propeller Ads verification code just below the <head> tag
  10. Click the SAVE button and its done.

If you have followed the step by step guide above, you can now go back to your Propeller Account and click the Verify button. If its properly done your website should be verified automatically.

It is very easy to verify blog in Propeller Ads network. Unlike Google Adsense that takes days and sometimes weeks to verify your blog. If you have any issues verifying your blog please use the CONTACT US page to send us a message and we’ll help you.


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