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How To Make Money On Instagram,Twitter And Facebook In Nigeria

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Lots of persons living in Nigeria search for ways they could possibly make money online. In fact most people from around the globe search for how to make money online. Truth be told, not only the unemployed make these searches. Even the employed still looks for additional way to make money.

But while some persons are going for online frauds and others giving up, there are ways you can easily make lots of money from Instagram. For persons living in Nigeria, making money from Instagram is one simple way to start earning online.

While this article is targeted at Nigerians it can also be helpful to people of other countries.In this article, we’ll show some practical ways you can use to start making money from Instagram.

Instagram is a social media network currently owned and managed by Mark Zukerberg the owner of Facebook. Instagram make use of pictures and Videos to connect people with one another.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook that makes use of texts and links, Instagram make use of less links and more Pictures and Videos. The longest length of an Instagram Video is currently 1 minutes. But the use of the Instagram TV feature have made it easier to upload videos up to 4 minutes.

How To Make Money From Instagram, Facebook and Twitter In Nigeria

Be female or male, you can actually make lots of money from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The truth is, most Nigerians spend lots of time online following celebrities and watching videos. Well its time you get these money spent on buying data into good use.

Note that the steps outlines in this article takes some time to implement but if properly done you’ll start making money before you realize it. To begin let us give you an highlight of what you need to start making money from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter today.

Requirements To Start Making Money From Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

You need the following things to get started with making money from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.Relax our best guess is you already have almost everything listed below.

  1. A good mobile device that can access the Internet(preferably 2gb RAM and above with recent Android or iOs operating system). You can check this List of Android Phones.
  2. Good internet connection to easily access the internet.
  3. Create n Instagram Account(Make sure you write good BIO about yourself that will attract people).
  4. At least 5k followers.
  5. Follow a particular set of people and try to make an impact in that space. If you are into Fashion, make sure you post about fashion regularly,use the appropriate hashtags.
  6. Be consistent and start building an audience and followers.
  7. You also have to be interactive. Like and comment on other peoples pictures and videos.
  8. Start posting your own pictures and videos.

Now you are almost done and are set to start making money. Note that people make money from Instagram because they have good numbers of followers. With followers above 5k you can start making money.Now lets take you to how you can start making the money.

How Start Making Money From Instagram, Facebook And Twitter In Nigeria

Once you have set up your account and you now have more than 5k followers then its time you start making money. Below are some ways to make money from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in Nigeria.

1. Reviews Of Products

What is Product Reviews or Review of Products. Product Reviews or Review of product is the act of writing or talking about the use of a specific product usually the ones released newly. Reviewing a product involves telling people how good or bad the product is. Why use the product etc.

People with such products will usually contact people with good followers to make these reviews. Well we know you don’t have millions of followers but you can still have a bite of this cake by using Famebit.

Famebit is a google owned social media platform that connects brand and creators. Famebit is managed by YouTube team. What Famebit does is that, it connects brands to creators. The only terms and condition is that you have above 5k followers on your social media platforms.

You can sign up for a free Famebit account HERE and remember to sign up as a CREATOR. To sign up,you just need to connect your social media account and its done. Please note that if you have less than 5k followers you won’t be able to create an account.

Now that you have the Famebit account, you can now start to edit your profile, add payment method and start connecting with Brands. They give you a product, you put in your Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram page and you start making money.

2. Advertise With Your Facebook,Twitter or Instagram Account

Lots of business and brands wants to be seen but they need audience.Which simply means that if you have thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,you’ll most likely be among those helping them promote their business.

Promoting the business or products won’t be for free. Lets face it, top celebrities charge alot to promote these brands. Now you can charge less to promote their products or business and be making cool money every week.

3. Facebook Monetization

Most people don’t realize it yet but Facebook have started monetizing its contents. Facebook videos and links are been monetized and you can also make some cool money from this.

If you have lots of likes and followers on Facebook,then you post videos and apply for Facebook monetization. For each people watching your videos on Facebook, you get paid and its that simple.

4. Brand Influencers

This is for the big shots and by big shots we mean people with over 100k followers. If you have followers above 100k on Instagram and Twitter and you can easily influence a brand.

Brand Influencers are like models online. They serve as the face of the brand and help promote the business,brand or product for an agreed price. The good thing about influencing brands is that brands can have more than one person to influence as their promoter.

Which simply means that if you have good followers there is a good chance that you’ll most likely be among these people soon.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is much more than just a social media platform. So why waste time, energy taking pictures and making short video clips for fun when you can actually be making money from it.

You can make money on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you start building your online profile now. It is not too late to begin as there are more brands and more products to be reviewed. Start building your profile now and start making money while surfing the internet.


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