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How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

Make Money From Blogging

Are you a blogger,how long have you been blogging and how much have you made. The ultimate goal of blogging these days is to make money. With lots of advertising agencies around, everyone would like to have a taste of blogging. But how can you make money from blogging in Nigeria given the popular belief that CPC is low in this region. Well we are about to introduce you to some tips that works.

Most companies pay money for advert. And there are mainly to ways to generate money from your blog either with CPC or CPM ads. CPC means Cost Per Click, while CPM means Cost Per Impression(usually cost per 1,000 impression).

The truth is, the CPC or CPM in Nigeria is not that low. Nigeria have big companies especially banks that pays for adverts. Generally, the CPC of Nigeria should be on an average about $0.8 which is still good for business.

But to make money from blogging in Nigeria you need to attract the right audience and have the right Advertising campaign. In this article, we’ll show you how you can make more money from your Nigeria blog. Please note that it might take some time before the changes start taking place but there will surely be increase in your revenue.

How To Make Money From Your Nigerian Blog

Over the years, we have gather some few experience and we would like to share with you guys. This trial and errors have helped us to grow our revenue(we are still growing it) over the past few months.

1. Choose A Profitable Niche

Most Nigerian bloggers at first sight wants to blog about entertainment and celebrity. While there are tons of traffic coming from this niche but it also attract very little CPC or CPM.

What most Nigerian bloggers don’t understand is that celebrities don’t pay for adverts but company. So instead of targeting the celebrity zone, target the company zone. Most  new entertainment blogs don’t do well because there are blogs in Nigeria that are like Whales in the entertainment sector.

Imagine how long it will take someone to blog before he/she can beat the likes of LIB, Daily Post, Bella Naija, VanguardNGR and Naij. Most entertainment bloggers are into copy and paste and this is bad for SEO and webmaster.

This gives them two problems, first you have low CPC and CPM, Secondly not having enough traffic. So if you want to start making good money from your Nigeria blog, you need to change you Niche. You should start blogging about Banks, Loans Options,Mobile Phones,Online Stores and Health.

2. Choosing The Right Advertising Company

Everyone wants to have Google Adsense approved this is good but not always the best. Google Adsense have strict policies and its payment methods is usually different. There are other advertising company that can do well in you blog as well.

For example, AfriAdvert is an advertising company in Nigeria that pays well too. In fact they pay you in Naira directly to your account. They also have local banks, online stores listed in their directory and can grow you revenue more than you can imagine.

If you are having a whole loot of traffic but low CPC in Google Adsense then you should consider Propeller Ads. Propeller Ads is a CPM based advertising company. Which means that they pay for impression generate from your blog traffic.

In fact Propeller Ads units are designed in such a way that they don’t appear in your website. It only works in the background and popup new tabs as visitors browse through your website. You easily create a Propeller Ads free Account using this Official Link from Propeller Ads. Use the Contact Us page to send us a message if you need help setting it up.

3. Target The Right Audience

Every blogger i know always wants to target audience from United States. Well can you imagine how many blogs that is present in the United States alone.Then think about how many more bloggers from other countries targeting that same United States. Trust me when i tell you that the competition is tough. So on a scale of 0-10 your chances of breaking into the United State web space is pretty much 0.

But you can start building from home and gradually you can penetrate into the United State pace. You should focus more on how to gather your Fan base from your own country. When people from Nigeria starts engaging with your Nigerian Blog,there is a good chance that people from outside Nigeria will start doing same.

Also you need to build you site metrics, your DA and PA matters alot and starting from home where there is less competition is a good way to start building your metrics. So try to target the right audience this will increase your traffic, your CTR rate and eventually an increase in your revenue.

4. Ads Unit Placement

This is a very important part of increasing your revenue. With little traffic and strategic Ad unit placement, you can make more money than you imagine. The question now is where is the right place to position your ad units.

The best place for your Ad units is within your articles. People might not navigate to your sidebar but they will read you content. If most of your visitors are using mobile then your sidebar will be below your post. But any Ad that is shown while reading the article have a better chance of been clicked.

Google have made it easier for its users to integrate the inline article ad unit. Which means that you now manually or automatically place Ads between your articles and it won’t be against google policy.

You can see that to making money from blogging in Nigeria is not just about targeting United States audience. You need the right Niche, the right Advertising network, the right audience and strategic Ad placement to get this done.

Every Nigerian Blogger can make good money from blogging in Nigeria. Maybe you just need to restructure how you have been going about it. You deserve to make money from blogging and you can if you work at it and make some little adjustment.


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