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How To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria Without Google Adsense

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Most Nigerian bloggers target Google Adsense the moment they sent up their blogs. Well Google Adsense might be the biggest advertising company but they are not the only one. In fact they are most certainly not the only way to make money from blogging in Nigeria.

If you have been getting your Google Adsense account disapproved then you need a new way of making money from your blog. If your Google Adsense Account have been disabled then you also need a new way of making money from your blog.

For those persons that already have Google Adsense Account,you can even make more with the right strategy. Adding another advertising network in your blog/website will help boost your revenue. So you also need this post.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to three other paying advertising network that works. Unlike Google, these advertising network are very easy to set up. Account approval is 90% guarantee and rate of block is relatively low.

Google Adsense Alternative To Make Money From Blogging In Nigeria

The following advertising companies are really good ones. Mntrends have tried these companies over the years and found them to be really cool. If you have Google Adsense Account already, you can also use to bring in more money to your account. Below are best Google Adsense Alternative for Nigerian Bloggers

  1. Propeller Ads Network
  2. A-ads Network
  3. AfriAdvert Network
1. Propeller Ads Network

Propeller Ads network is our number suggestion for any Nigerian blogger who needs an alternative to Google Adsense. Nigerian Bloggers who also want to increase their revenue and monetize their traffic should also add Propeller Ads to their website.

Propeller Ads Network is a CPM base advertising Network. This means that they pay you for each impression. The good thing about Propeller Ads is that they don’t require any space in your website. All codes works and run in the background of the website.

Registration for Propeller Ads is fast and no account verification, Address verification is required. All you need is your valid email, a working website. Subdomain website is not currently accepted into Propeller Ads. This means that you have to buy a domain name before you can use Propeller Ads.

With Propeller Ads, you can monetize every traffic single traffic that comes from your website. If you have tons of traffic but low CPC from Google Adsense, then try using Propeller Ads to make money from all those traffic you are generating.

News blogs, Entertainment, Sport and lifestyle blogs usually generate lots of traffic in Nigeria. But they are also experiencing low CPC. But with Propeller Ads, all your visitors will make money for you. You can use this Official Link from Propeller Ads to register a free account today.

2. A-ads Network

This is the second most suitable advertising network for Nigerian Bloggers. Reason because like Propeller Ads above, they make use of CPM. But A-ads Network make use of the unique CPM(eCPM). Which means that they only pay for unique impression made everyday.

But you do not need account and address verification. You get paid in bitcoin so you need bitcoin wallet before you can start using the A-ads network.If you need help with setting up your bitcoin wallet please use the Contact Us page to send us a message we’ll help you for free.

A-ads network only requires a small space in your blog/website. It makes use of iFrame which makes it load faster and even works on AMP pages without any code optimization. You can use this Official Link from A-ads Network to set up a free account.

3. AfriAdverts Network

This an Africa Based Network that works with African Bloggers. The best advantage of using this Ad network is that it can pay you in your local currency. You earn and withdraw with your local currency.

They can send you payment directly via bank transfer without having to wait for days like the wire transfer from Google Adsense. Another reason why you should start using this Ad network is that they serve Ads that most of your audience knows.

This fact makes it possible for you to have more clicks in your website. Minimum payout is N17,000 Nigeria Naira. Among the disadvantage of this Ad Network is the fact that their codes are not AMP friendly.

Also somehow they have issues with hue traffic and clicks even if it is not self click. If they notice huge clicks from your blog they are most likely to terminate your Account permanently.

Google Adsense is good but it is not the only way to make money from blogging in Nigeria. You have lots of options lined up for you and you should try and explore to make the best of it. Monetize your blog with other Ads and see which one works best for you.


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