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How To Create Propeller Ads Account For Your Nigeria Blog

Create Propeller Ads Account

Propeller Ads Network is arguably the best alternative to Google Adsense when it comes to CPM. In fact Propeller Ads have more to offer its publishers when it comes to CPM monetization. To Have/Create Propeller Ads Account is a very wise choice as it can help boost your revenue.

While the use of Google Adsense might place restriction on how to use other Ads, Propeller Ads fits in with Google Adsense. You don’t need any space reserved in your website for Propeller Ads before you can start earning.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to how you can easily Create Propeller Ads Account within few minutes. We’ll also outline the things you need before you can start you application.

Requirements To Create A Propeller Ads Account

The following are some of the things required to before you can create your Propeller Ads account. Note that some of the requirements becomes necessary after you have created the account.

  1. A Valid email account: Can be Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook or custom mail. But your  to be accessible for verification purposes.
  2. You also need a valid phone number(Preferably a mobile number).
  3. Skype ID is also required
  4. Payoneer Account(This where your money will be sent. Hence you need to have a valid and verified Payoneer Account). Optional during registration but very important to receiving payment.
  5. Website Domain name. Sub domain are not accepted by Propeller Ads.(e.g mntrends.blogpost.com or mntrends.wordpress.com is not accepted). You must have a custom domain(e.g mntrends.com, mntrends.com.ng, mntrends.ng all of these are acceptable). Note that you need the website after registration to place Ad codes and start earning.

Now that you have the above,its time we start the registration process normal. Note that no address or human verification is required by Propeller before you account is approved. You can start serving Ads and making money after registration.

How To Create A Propeller Ads Account Step By Step Guide With Pictures

The steps listed below are very easy to follow. You can easily open the pictures to better understand each step

Step 1

Use this Official Link from Propeller Ads Network to access the official registration portal. The page that will come up will request you to fill some basic details about yourself. You will be asked to register as an Individual or as A Company. It is always better to register as an Individual as the process is easier.

Create Propeller Ads Account Create Propeller Ads Account

But if you are a company and wish to use Propeller to run Ads then select the second option. See pictures above

Please note that you have to tick the I Accept terms And Conditions before you can proceed to click the SIGN UP button.

Step 2

The next page will refer you to visit your email for an activation link from Propeller Ads network. You have to visit your email inbox, open the mail from Propeller Ads and click the Verify Account button. See pictures below

Create Propeller Ads Account Create Propeller Ads Account Create Propeller Ads Account

Step 3

Its time for you to set your Propeller Account password. This page will show you two boxes, one for Account Password selection and the other to verify the Account Password.  The rules to create a secure password is that

  • At minimum it should be 8 characters. This means that any password below 8 characters would not be accepted.
  • Make use of special characters like @, #, $, %, &, * etc in your password.
  • Include alphabets
  • cannot be only alphabets must also include numbers
  • A good example of a secure password is “@oluwatobi991 or #oluwatobi991″

Create Propeller Ads Account

You can now click on the Finish and Log In button below the page. Now you have successfully created you Propeller Ads Account.Its time to Add your website and start earning money from your traffic.

In our next article, we’ll introduce you to how you can Add websites, create Add units and implement the Propeller Ads codes in your website and start making money from each visitor. Have you been using Propeller Ads, tell us your experience via the comment section below


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