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Blog Earning Tips: How To Increase Your Propeller Ads Earnings

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Time and again people tend to find ways to make money from blogging. While Google Adsense is their best bet to monetizing their blogs, well it is not the only option. In fact Propeller Ads is one good way to make easy money from blogging. But how about finding an easy way to increase your Propeller Ads earnings.

Truth be told, there is usually no official short cut to making money from Propeller Ads(or any other Advertising company). But unofficially there are ways you can increase your Propeller Ads earnings. Lets say you make a minimum of $5 to $10 daily if you are serious.

Like we said earlier, its unofficial which means that we don’t have to share it here online. But what we can do is give you an idea on how it all works and you can make more money from your Blog using Propeller Ads.

Understanding How Propeller Ads Network Works

Well to begin lets take you back to the basics for you to understand how Propeller Ads works and how its various Ads units works. This will better equip you for what lies ahead. Still reading? stay with me as we uncover how to increase your earnings.

Propeller Ads is a CPM base advertising network. Which simply means that they pay for every impression registered in your website/blog. For every visitor that visits your blog and for every impression you get paid.

Secondly, Propeller Ads have the CPS type of adverts. CPS means “Cost Per Subscription”. This means that a pop up comes when you have a visitor and for every subscriber you are paid. Now that you understand these two ads types by Propeller Ads, now you will have a better understanding on how to make more money from your blog using Propeller Ads.

How To Make More Money from Your Blog Using Propeller Ads

Remember that Propeller Ads pay for each impression you make in your website. This means that if you can find a way to use different browsers, IPs to visit your own blog it will be registered as a new user by Propeller Ads.

Now if the above is correct it means that you can be generating impressions yourself and making money. But guess what, Propeller Ads already knows this and hence their filter will notice and your account will be blocked.

Secondly using the native subscription(CPS) to make more money from your blog. It is important to note that Propeller ads will pay for each subscriber. What if there is a way for you to subscribe as new user every time you visit your own blog.

That way you get paid for each new subscriber but once again Propeller Ads already knows this hence their filter will likely notice and your account will be blocked.

But what if you are shown a way for you to continuously generate new IPs and acts as a new user every time you visit your blog. What if you can be generating unique impression every time yourself. See picture sample of earning below

Propeller Ads Earnings

How about showing you a way to subscribe every time to your own blog and getting paid by Propeller Ads. Do you know that Propeller pay as high as $2 for each subscribers from Germany, United States, France and United Kingdom.

Requirements To Making More Money From Propeller Ads/Increase Propeller AdsEarnings

Below are some of thins you need to start making good money from Propeller Ads

  1. A well designed blog with custom domain(free domain are not accepted)
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Fast browsing mobile device or laptop
  4. VPN(preferably paid VPN)
  5. Steady source of traffic to your blog
  6. Verify your Propeller Ads account
  7. Link your Propeller Account to Payoneer account(for withdrawal reasons)

If you have all the above then you are set to increase your blog earnings with Propeller Ads network.

For some reasons we won’t be sharing the complete tips here in our website. But if you have interest in completing the unofficial way to increase your Propeller Ads earnings then use the CONTACT US page to send us a message.

You can also Call or WhatsApp Mr Festus on 08131219576. Note that this service does not come free. You have to pay for you to get the tips.

Quick Note: Note that following this guide is at owners risk and Mntrends will not be held responsible for block of accounts and we won’t refund any money. However, this trick have a 90% success rate and lots of bloggers have used/ and are using it to boost their earnings.


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