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Online Frauds: Who Is To Blame For The Rise In Online Frauds

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The Internet is filled with many online frauds. And this have raised concerned over the past few years. In one of our previous articles we tried to explain various terms associated with online frauds.

In this article we’ll try and take a look at who is to be blamed for the increase in online frauds. Please note that this article will guide you to understand the roles various elements play in making online frauds possible.

Mntrends then leave you to be the judge of those responsible for this acts of frauds that has been plaguing the internet.

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Factors Responsible For Online Frauds

Below are some of the key factors and elements responsible for the increase in Internet Fraud.

  1. The Internet: This includes social media platforms and the world wide web(www).
  2. Technology: In this article, technology refers to any computer advancement and growth, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Website etc.
  3. Users: For the purpose of this article, users will refer to anyone with access to the internet.

Now that we have listed the three major elements responsible for Internet Fraud lets get to understanding them one by one.

1. The  Internet

Simply put internet can be referred to as a global interconnected network that allows its users to share some information among themselves.

Over the years there have been advancement in Internet sector. Is Internet really to be blame for the Online Fraud happening around the world.

To some extent it does share a large portion of the blame but it would be unfair to dump the whole blame on Internet.Why? please continue reading.

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The internet was designed to connect people. But the internet is not responsible for how people make use of it. Internet itself is harmless but the people using it are making it harmful.

Granted the internet does provide the primary basis for online fraud but an abuse of its purpose have brought the birth of online fraud. Next is technology, because if Internet is not to be blamed and its relatively free how about Technology?

2. Technology

According to yourdictionary, Technology is science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. This means that technology will always improve.

There have been some major increase in technology. These improvements includes, encryption security, top level Apps etc.

Technology have also aid online fraud in its own large ways. But technology was never introduced for that purpose. For a fact, technological advancement is meant to make things easier and secure for humans.

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Technology is just another victim of its users. Its a case of the very instrument meant to protect us is the one thing that is hunting and hurting us.

Back to back encryption was created with the goal of keeping its users privacy and make them feel secure. But Fraudsters are taking advantage of this same technology to hide and defraud others. It has become almost impossible to catch these guys.

So far we have seen that Internet and Technology are not to be blamed entirely for Online frauds. Although they do share some portion of the blames. Now lets consider the Users of Internet and Technology.

3. Users

Who are the users of internet and technology? its me who wrote this article, you who is reading this article and anyone that have access to the web and uses mobile Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

Perhaps users are the main course of Internet frauds. How so? reason is simple, we are the ones making use of the internet and technology.

The Sad truth be told, some persons wake up every morning thinking about how to hack someone or defraud others.

However you can also learn to keep yourself secure by reading the articles below

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Also internet and technology users have given out too many information about themselves that they have become prone to various attack. Our previous article about Personal Identity Theft explains how giving out too many information can cause lots of damage.

The ultimate question now is what if all internet users wake up and start using the internet and technology for the betterment of others. Its practically impossible.

Conclusively, Internet and Technology did contribute to online frauds but humans are the major cause of these acts. There is no known cure to internet fraud but you can minimize the risk of exposure by following the tips above.


  1. I think blaming the Internet and Technology for online fraud is like blaming a knife or Cutlass for someone’s death, only because it was used. The scammers are primarily responsible for fraud.


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