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Why Security Tokens Are Taking Over The Cryptocurrency Landscape

Security tokens

The year 2017 witnessed massive adoption and increased popularity of utility tokens and other native coins in the cryptoverse. In my own words, 2017 can be described as the “Golden Year of Utility Tokens”, but the situation has changed recently with the pace at which security tokens are gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency landscape.

I could remember a Crypto enthusiast posting on a telegram forum early this year; “2017 is the year for utility tokens while 2018 is for security tokens”. Surprisingly, the current dispensation in the industry is backing up the fellow’s post.

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In recent times, security and asset-backed tokens appear to be gaining more prominent points of interest in the emerging cryptocurrency landscape than any other classes of cryptocurrency. The impact of security tokens on the cryptocurrency landscape is becoming disruptive with experts predicting that security tokens could become a multi-trillion dollar market within the next decade.

With regulatory and enforcement bodies coming hard down on initial coin offerings (ICOs), security token offerings (STOs) represents a better alternative. These and other factors contribute to “Why Security Token Are Taking Over The Cryptocurrency Landscape”. This development will equally go a long way in boosting the flow of investment to and overall performance of the sector within the next decade.


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