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Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining Freezes All Withdrawal Of Its Investors

Splitt.co Mining

Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining have stopped the withdrawal of its investors. This simply means that no withdrawal request will be processed. All three of its investment plans are still working perfectly fine generating profit for its investors. But as at the time of writing this article, the Bare Metal and ASIC Mining investors can not withdraw their profits.

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Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining have been one of the best crypto cloud mining in the past few months. Although Barely five months old they have good market strategy and plans.

There is yet to be an official notification from Splitt support team and admins. The freezing of withdrawal have flare up speculations and panics in various Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining groups. In its telegram group most of the investors are claiming Splitt cloud mining is a well organized fraud.

But what could possible be the reason for freezing all withdrawal request. Just few days back they sent notifications to its investors about plans to meet with the current crypto market trends. You can CLICK HERE to read about the update from Splitt support team.


It is obvious that the Cryptocurrency market trend is affecting Splitt cloud mining. The truth is all cryptocurrency investment platforms will be affected Splitt inclusive. Investors will have to be patient with some of these crypto investment platforms.

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Splitt in their last notification made it clear that with the current trend in the cryptocurrency market, only the Dynamic mining plan will be available. They said this is easier and cheaper for them to maintain.

The fact still remains that any cryptocurrency investment platform that wants to stay in business will have to freeze withdrawal. If they don’t then they might be out of market in no time. So it is expected that Splitt cloud mining should freeze withdrawal for the time been(at least till the crypto market bounces back).

Splitt Crypto Cloud Mining
Splitt Cloud Mining Freezes All Withdrawal request



This is the ultimate question that we don’t have a direct answer to. Since there is no official news from Splitt cloud mining we can only come to some possible conclusion.

First is that Splitt will resume payment when the crypto market regains balance. When that will be we don’t know but the sooner the market bounce back the better for everrone(crypto investment and crypto investors).

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Second possible conclusion is that there might some terms and conditions attached to making withdrawals henceforth. New terms and conditions will introduced to keep Splitt in the crypto cloud mining business. Usually investors will be required to throw in some more investment to balance the system before they can make withdrawals.

The third reason is not a very pleasant but its also a possible conclusion. Maybe Splitt cloud mining might just stop working and quit the crypto mining website. If this happens then lots of persons might have lost millions of dollars and Splitt might have failed to reach its potential.

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We do not fully know why Splitt crypto cloud mining have stopped withdrawal or when they will resume payment. But we do know that the current crypto market trend did hit every crypto investment platform pretty hard and Splitt Cloud mining is no exception. Lets hope they resume payment soon and all investors can smile again.


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