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Splitt Cloud Mining Officially Tells Why They Freeze Withdrawal

Splitt mining

The Splitt Cloud Mining Website and Telegram bot have stopped withdrawal within the last 24 hours. This was done by the cryptocurrency cloud mining platform without any prior noticed to its investors. This have left investors with doubts about the legitimacy of the system. Some have labeled it fraud, others still have lost hope that Splitt Cloud Mining have gone with their money for good.

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Overtime, Splitt crypto cloud mining have made adjustment to meet the recent twist in the crypto market. It was/is obvious that the cryptocurrency mining platform was affected by the cryptocurrency market saga. CLICK HERE to read about the adjustment made by Splitt Cloud mining to stay in the crypto mining game.

But after some time our Admins took time out to reach out to Splitt Crypto cloud mining support team and we got a reply. We won’t force anyone to accept the reply we got and it is definitely not our position to say if they are telling the truth or not.

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However we feel that Splitt cloud mining have earned the right to be given benefits of the doubt. And hence what you are about to read below is what we got directly as response from Splitt crypto cloud mining about the recent freeze of withdrawals.


After we contacting Splitt crypto cloud mining support team, it took 5 hours to get a reply. In the reply they said that they had a break down in one of the mining server located in MYANMAR. They further wen to say that the server was responsible for ASIC Mining investments.

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Splitt Crypto cloud mining however said preparations are been made to move the ASIC Mining to a new location a(a mining server in Thailand). The company and/or mining website guarantee that by Monday 26 of November everything should be working fine.


Please read the complete reply we got from them below:

Splitt Cloud Mining
Reply From Splitt Support Team About Freezing Withdrawal. Read Full Reply Below

Hello dear user, we have now solved the problem, we had a crash in the mining location Myanmar, there are all of our ASIC miners, we have acted quickly and now the ASIC miners are at a new location in Thailand, we will reinstall the ASIC miners over the weekend and implement them in our system.

Anyone who couldn’t do withdraws or reinvest will receive a new ASIC from us that starts all over again. We are glad to have found the problem and are happy to inform you that we can now offer our service on monday 2018/11/26 8am (GMT +1) again.
Until then a few rules of conduct
1.) Please don’t write support all the time that you can’t pay out, we can’t process the tickets it’s just too many.
2.) Keep calm splitt has solved all problems so far, we don’t intend to go, our service will stay with you.
3.) Every user gets replaced on Monday what is missing our system has many functions and has already saved most cases, as soon as the site is reinstalled, every user with the missing amounts will get his missing withdraws/profits as well as 3000 split points as compensation.
Until then we wish all users a nice weekend!
The Splitt cloud mining has accepted that there is an error they are trying to fix. The reason why there was no prior noticed that we can’t explain. So its left for you to trust them and wait patiently for them or forget your investment and move on.
Remember that online investment and especially cryptocurrency Mining investment is not risk free. We therefore advice you to be prepared to live with whatever decision you’ll make and don’t complain too much if doesn’t go the way you expected. We truly Splitt Cloud Mining gets back on its feet soonest.


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