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Splitt Cloud Mining Makes Adjustment To Stay In Crypto Investment

Splitt.co Cloud Mining

One of the many good qualities of a good crypto investment platform is that they are adaptive. Adaptive in the sense that they quickly make changes to keep pace with recent happenings in the crypto world. And Splitt cloud mining is one of such crypto investment platform.

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While some persons are happy about the drop in crypto prices others are sad. But Splitt Cloud mining have no time to throw emotions around. They have instead focus on staying in business. In  fact they are setting up two new servers to increase their work force and output.


In a recent notification sent by Splitt Cloud Mining to all its investors, they gave an overview of what is happening. They however showed that they believe there will be a turn around just as it happened last year.

According to the notification, Splitt is setting up new mining locations at Bosnia and Iceland. Splitt also confirmed that these new mining centers will only available for the Dynamic Mining Contracts. This mining option will not upgrade-able as Splitt said this will be more profitable in terms of energy cost.

Splitt cloud mining concluded the email notification by assuring its investors that their focus is ensuring the investors make profit from splitt investment. And they also stress that they are trying to make Financial Freedom a reality.

The Splitt Cloud mining investment have shown where they stand with regard to the recent events in cryptocurrency market. They have also shown that they are flexible enough to accommodate changes as they come. This is one of the many good qualities of a good cryptocurrency investment platform.


  1. You forgot to mention that splitt disabled the withdrawals and left 12 thousand people without their hard earned money. You forgot to mention as well that splitt did not warn or advised people regarding the unavailability of withdrawals, which in my view, a transparent and honest company would do. So my advise, if you read this, do not invest in splitt, and if you invest in any of this hyip schemes, do it at your own risk and invest only what you are willing to loose, since from one moment to the other they can just vanish.

    • Hello Luis we can understand your anger. And we didn’t forget to mention anything this article was not about Splitt Freezing withdrawal it was about the adjustment they made. If you followed up with other of our articles you will see that we admit that Splitt have Frozen withdrawals. And the recent update now is that Splitt have agreed to this and promise to bring back withdrawal. You can read the new article and update from the link below


      However, you are right when you said that HYIP are risk investment options and we don’t dispute that fact. Whoever wants to invest in HYIP is doing that at his/her own risk. Mntrends only try to bring latest updates regarding some these investment platforms.

      Thanks for stoping by Luis and thanks for your comment


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