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My Experience Using The Paylater Loan Application

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No doubt the Paylater loan application is one of the best loan application available online. Aside from its colorful designs, it also have good features that makes it interesting. The Paylater loan Application is among the upcoming and perhaps most talked about loan application for mobile users.

The truth is loan from the likes of Paylater is relatively safe. In fact they have cheap interest rate and good payback time. But over the couple of months i have tried using the Paylater loan application. And surprisingly it has more features than you could imagine.

In a later article we’ll introduce you to things you can do with the Paylater application aside from applying for loan. In this article lets just skip to the part where i tell you about my experience using the Application.

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So i came across the Paylater loan App sometime ago in a google ads. I clicked on the link and downloaded the App from Google PlayStore. Below are couple of things i found out about the PayLater Loan App.

  1. It Allows for recharge of Airtime
  2. Send Money to someone else
  3. Investment opportunity
  4. Loan Application

Now Paylater will advice you to play around with the App before you can get a loan. Reason because they want to get to know you. Some of the things they want you to do is, top up your airtime using the PayLater App, Send money to a friend or family using the PayLater App and even invest in their low risk investment option.

This way they get to trust you and allow you to apply for loan But after using the Paylater loan for sometime i decided to stop. You might ask why i stopped using the App.

Well for starters i couldn’t secure any loan from Paylater even after providing all the required details and documents. But that is not the main reason why i stopped using the App.

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While it didn’t go down well with me that Paylater was not there when i needed it but they also have a slow service. Imagine sending money to a family/friend and you end up going to your bank to sort it out. On different occasions i tried using Paylater to send money and most times it always complicates things.

Then i decided to restrict using it to airtime recharge. But guess what most times the transaction hangs and it will take 5 working days before there is going to be a refund.

I also did check on their investment options and noticed that it is not investment option that est suites those with little money. Well you need to throw in huge money if you want to get a reasonable return of investment.

Overall my experience using the Paylater loan application is not a very pleasant one. But i must confess that they do have a nice and interactive admins. There newsletter is super friendly and that is one good thing i like about Paylater.

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If you are thinking about applying for a loan then you should try and get the PayLater loan application. It works for all mobile device and it will be just perfect for you. Just because it didn’t work me don’t mean it won’t work for you. Try out the Paylater loan App today and you could just get the Loan you are looking for with ease.


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