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Follow These Five Tips To Live A Better Life In 2019

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Everyone wants to live a better life. And with 2018 gradually coming to an end, everyone have a plan on how to make 2019 better. It is obvious that without planning things goes wrong. But things can get from bad to worse even with the wrong plans. Worst still is having a plan that is not going to work out. But there are few tips to live a better life in 2019.

Surprisingly these tips are not too difficult and they are easy to implement. The best part of these tips are even the important ones can be implemented for free. If you would like to see some major improvement in your life in 2019 then follow the simple tips.


Below are some few lists of things we usually overlook but are very important to us. The tips below won’t only help you financially but also improve your social life.

  1. Have a budget
  2. Invest part of your money
  3. Stop Impulse buying
  4. Secure low interest Loans
  5. Get Insurance
  6. Go Out and make friends
  7. Do more exercise
  8. Eat good food
  9. Spend more time with your family
  10. Follow latest trends
1. Have a Budget

If you didn’t have a budget in 2018 please don’t repeat that mistake come 2019. The importance of having a budget can not be overly emphasize. Budget helps you to stay focus and achieve a goal. If you want to live a better life in 2019 then you need to write down your budget. Start by analyzing how much you earn monthly, then specify how much you expect to spend on feeding, clothing, rent(where applicable). This way you know how much you actually have left to carter for unexpected expenses.

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2. Invest Part of your money

Lots of persons still do not understand the importance of long term investment. Investment is a nice way to keep and grow your money. While you work daily, you investment also work daily for you too. So make it your goal to keep part of your salary for investment purpose come 2019. Research have it that investors always have something extra to spend and they live better.

The best investment option right now is crypto investment. While not everyone might want to invest in crypto but you should consider it. Better still most banks offer investment options. banks like Wells Fargo, USBank, Chase Bank and Bank of America all have these options. Why not tap into low investment options and try to have extra money in 2019.

3. Impulse Buying

This is one habit you should stop come 2019. Buying what you don’t need will only make you loose more money. And don’t buy things you did not plan or budget for. Those who buy things they didn’t plan for always go broke even before the month runs out. To improve your standard of living in 2019 stop Impulse buying.

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4. Secure Low Interest Loans

Yes this is another way you can improve your life in 2019. You might wonder if its wise to be in debt. Well if you have good use of loans you stand a lot to gain. For example, low interest loans from banks can help you improve your business and make more money.

Loans from your banks are usually easier to pay back and they have good interest rate. In 2019 you can secure a loan with the mind set of investing it and making good return of investment. NOTE that securing a loan to buy stuffs is not advisable as you will have ti tamper with your budget above to pay back. So think of a business and secure a low interest loan come 2019 to help finance it.

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5. Get Insurance

You don’t want all your hard-work going to waste. Living without insurance in 2018 is risky enough don’t repeat that mistake in 2019. If you have the means then try and get an insurance from a notable insurance company in your country. This will help you feel secure and keep your family safe when there is unexpected tragedy.

6. Go Out And Make Friends

Yes you need connection to survive in this world today. So if you want to make 2019 better then you need to get in touch with the right people. And you can only get to meet these people when you go out. Don’t hesitate to make friends that will be beneficial to you. Friends with similar goals and ambitions can drive you to pursue you goals and achieve them. So in 2019 we advice you to add some friends to the list of your friends. Also remove some friends that are not wort keeping and free up some space for good ones to come in.

7. Do More Exercise

Early morning jugging, going to the gym and staying in shape is  nice way to not only stay in shape but also free yourself from stress. While you might not see it as beneficial now but in 2019 try doing some light exercise and free your mind from all the stress that surrounds you.

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8. Eat Good Food

Of course you know that eating good food is essential. Good food helps you to think right and act wisely, kinda funny but its true. Food varies from one place to another hence we can’t restrict you to what type of food to eat. If you have a doctors prescription then try to keep to it.

9. Spend More Time With Your Family

It doesn’t matter if you are single or married we all have families. try to spend more time with your family come 2019. This will really help you in living a better life come 2019. People who spend more time with family always feels welcome at home and they look happier. And this is one of the important things you can get for absolutely free. So why not take advantage of this and improve your life come 2019.

10. Follow Latest Trends

Are you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If YES then you need to follow latest trends to keep track of the funny moments. Don’t get too attached to work that you can’t let out some steam. Watch trending videos and listen to latest gossips. This will lighten your mood and bring you relief.

If you want to live a better life come 2019 there are lots of things you need to do. But if you have a budget, keep some money aside for investment, stop impulse buying then you might just make money come 2019. While if you spend more time with family, make more friends you will increase your social life. Do some exercise, follow latest trends to let out stress and get some relief.


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