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How To Make 1.5 Million With UBA Wise Savers Promo

UBA Wise Savers

The UBA wise savers promo is one of the best things happening to UBA customers right now. With as low as 10,000 Naira you stand a chance to win a 1.5 Million Naira from UBA bank. You might wonder how possible is this, well its very possible if only you are banking with UBA bank.

We have seen UBA bank brought about some mouth watering offer this summer. From Zero Account to Diaspora Account affiliate bonus and 50% discount int debit card collection. You want to make it big well here is your chance to easily walk away with 1.5 Million Naira in your pocket.


Participating in the UBA wise savers promo is super easy. Usually its a lot of work to get/work that sum of money but trust Us when we say you could grab this offer with ease. To get this offer just follow three simple steps as listed below.

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  1. Open A UBA Bank Account: This is the very step to getting this offer. And guess what opening a UBA bank account is free and easy. You could easily do it from your mobile phone via the internet. CLICK HERE to read the step by step guide on how you can open a UBA bank account. Already have a UBA bank account then skip step one and focus on step two.
  2. Save Money In Your Account: Now this will sound rather awkward as you already know its important to save money in your bank account. But with UBA wise savers it just got better. The second step to getting the 1.5 Million Naira from UBA bank is to save money. Yes save up to 10,000 monthly for three months and Boooom you might just be hit with the 1.5 Million Naira surprise.
  3. Keep Balance Steady: Yes the last step is even more easier. Now that you have 30,000 saved up keep it that way for a period of three months. If you can do this then you have met the third criteria for been eligible for this offer.

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As at the time of writing this article, UBA have no clear terms and conditions associated with the UBA wise savers promo. And there were no restrictions as to who can apply and which type of account can apply(e. Current or Savings it seems all can apply).

However its seems this offer is aimed at helping UBA bank customers save money. So we at Mntrends think that the more money you save the bigger your chances of getting this offer. What are you still waiting for, get a free UBA bank account today, save and win. Share this post on your Facebook, Twitter and WhastApp to help others benefit from this offer. Allow notifications from our website to get all latest updates. Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for latest banking updates.


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