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How To Easily Open A Zenith Bank Account From Home

Zenith Bank Account

If you need a new bank account, a secondary bank account or would you like to open a bank account for a sibling and you are scared of standing in queues in the banking hall. Good news you can now actually open a Zenith bank account from your sitting room. It is relatively easy, fast and secure. Just go and grab your mobile device and follow the steps below you will be surprised.

What Is Zenith Bank Account

A Zenith Bank Account is a 10 digit account number created for you by Zenith bank with the purpose of Saving, Sending and receiving money. This means that with a Zenith Bank Account, you can Save, Send and receive money.

This Account from Zenith Bank also give you access to some credit facilities. For business accounts they have access to loan offers to grow their business. It also make it possible for individuals and workers to have access to Payday loans.

Note: The steps here are that of Zenith bank. For those who would like to create a Zenith bank account this guide is just for you. But if you want to create a bank account with another bank then its super helpful. Its win-win. You can however use the SEARCH of this blog for your bank. E.g just type UBA Bank Account and the step to open UBA Bank account will appear.

  1. Recent Passport photograph
  2. A Scanned copy of your utility bill
  3. The Scanned copy of your signature

1. Go to the official website of the bank. For those who wants to open account with Zenith Bank CLICK HERE.
2. Look for the OPEN AN ACCOUNT ONLINE button.

3. Next page will ask you to select from a list of options. You have three options.
1. Open Instant Account
2. Other Account(New Customer)
3. Existing Customer

Use the Open Instant Account if you already have a BVN. Use the Other Account(New Customer) option if you are opening a bank account for the very first time. Use the Existing Customer option if you already have an account with Zenith bank but needs a new bank account.


From the Open Instant Account option above, zenith bank will ask for your BVN.  Just type in your BVN and some of your details will be filled in the Application Form. If you don’t have a BVN then click the OPEN WITHOUT BVN button. See picture below.

Zenith Bank Account

If you select the Other Account(New Customer), the Zenith bank application for for opening a new account will pop up. Just fill the form and remember to upload the needed documents. Please look check the requirements above. See picture below

Zenith Bank Account

The last option Existing Customer is meant for persons who have zenith bank account but want to open another account with the bank. Here you are only required to type in your Account Number, PIN and Token. See picture below

Zenith Bank Account

Selecting option ONE above will take you to a page where you will be asked to open an account with BVN or without BVN. Using the BVN option instantly activates your account. When you don’t have BVN then the process will take a bit longer as you have to provide basic details about yourself.

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When you select the Open Account With BVN the application form is like the picture below.

Zenith Bank Account

If you select the Open Account Without BVN the application form is like the picture below.

Zenith Bank Account

Opening an account without BVN, Zenith bank will request for your, Title, Firstname, Othernames and Surname. Then you proceed to the page where you give more details about you. Details like billing address, next of kin, etc. See picture below for the general Zenith bank application form.

Zenith Bank Account

Now that you have fill in the required details. You will then be required to upload some documents. The documents required of you are, Recent Passport, Utility Bill and Picture of your Signature. These documents can be in Picture format.


With Zenith Bank there are multiple option to choose from when opening an account. This makes it easier for them to easily create your bank account. If you select the Existing Customer option your account will be opened within 5 minutes.

If you have a BVN the account is ready within within 10 minutes and its activated almost immediately. The Other Account option meant for new customers takes a little time but no longer than 15 minutes.

Whichever option you selected, it can be very fast and easy to open a Zenith bank account. While this step might be that of Zenith bank, its procedures are also useful for those who wants to open a bank account with other banks. Specific articles about opening bank accounts with different banks will be released soon. Stay tune and subscribe to this blog.


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