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Asic Mining: Multiply Your Bitcoin Splitt Cloud Mining

Splitt.co Mining

The splitt cloud mining platform have been in operation for more than 100 days and with the Asic mining contract you could earn even more from splitt. And time and again they have proven to its investors that they mean business. From our experience all withdrawal requests are send instantly and deposits are received just after one blockchain confirmation.

The splitt ASIC mining contract runs for 35 days and it attracts a 4.70% daily returns. The minimum payment to activate the splitt ASIC mining contract is 0.5 btc. One can rightly say that its an investment plan for big investor.

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No doubt 0.5 btc is a lot of money but with splitt ASIC mining return is sure. Below are some pictures of series of successful withdrawals from splitt.


splitt payment

splitt withdrawal

proof of splitt payment splitt payment

All withdrawal requests above were made repeatedly within every 24 hour. And each time the withdrawals are processed instantly and payments are sent almost immediately.

With Splitt ASIC mining contract you can multiply your bitcoins and make even more money everyday. Splitt is now accessible on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. They have a support team that respond to queries almost immediately.

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If you are an online investor and needs where to invest your bitcoin then splitt is definitely the right place. CLICK HERE to register for a free account now. You can CLICK HERE to read more about splitt from our previous articles.

NOTE: Like every other online investment platform, splitt is not risk free. Hence we advice investors to carefully weigh the risks and you should not invest more than you are ready to lose. Although splitt is currently paying its investors but we can’t guarantee the situation won’t change. A word of advice from Mntrends to all investors is, invest wisely and make use of only your spare money in any online investment and splitt ASIC mining is no exception.


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