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All You Should Know About Pioneer Services Military Loans

Pioneer Services

Pioneer services is a USA based loan company that provides loans offers for military personnel(retired and those still serving), Personal loans and VA loans.Pioneer services is a division of the Midcountry Bank. Pioneer services was bought by Midcountry Financial Corp in 2007 and is currently operating under Midcountry Bank who is a member of the FDIC.

They try to make the applying and getting personal loans, VA loans are easy. According to their website, your loans are usually accessed(Approve or Disapprove) within 24-48 hours. The interesting feature of pioneer services loan is that you can actually return a loan after 15 days and you won’t have to pay any interested at all. Lets look at an overview of loan services offer by pioneer services.


The Pioneer services offers the following loan services to whoever is interested in getting the loan and all loans can be return within 15 days without interest


This loan is geared towards persons in the military. Due to some unique financial challenges related to military life, this short term loan gives financial assistance. You need to pay for a trip, take care of family needs, is there an emergency then this short term loan at fixed rate with fixed payment is perfect for you.

The loan is 15 day risk free guarantee. This means that within 15 days you won’t have to pay interest. Your interest starts counting after 15 days. If however you can make a refund within 15 days then the loan will be accepted without any interest.


Been a subsidiary of Midcountry Bank, pioneer services gives out a loan for you to acquire your dream home. Midcountry Bank is an approved VA lender in 50 states and this makes pioneer services eligible to offer this type of loan. This loan is available to both active duty military and retired veterans.

They are dedicated to helping military service members be in charge of their financial life. The award-winning military financial education tools and programs that they provide helps to get it done, the tools includes a Credit Repair Kit, military spouse resources, financial blogs, and more. It’s all available in their official website online learning center.

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Pioneer services is trying to make life of active duty or/and retired veterans enjoyable. You can join others in enjoying what they have to offer. But please be sure to read and understand their terms of service. Also take note of their interest rates so as to be sure you are making the right decisions.


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