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5 Awesome Features Of UBA Bank Mobile App You Ignore

UBA Bank Mobile App

How long have you been using the UBA bank mobile App, three years and above? Well we bet you didn’t know about some features of this App that you are not using. Are you new to the App well here is your chance to get to know more of the advance feature of the UBA bank mobile App.


1. Transfer: More persons only know that they can transfer between banks with the UBA banking app. But aside from the 23 registered commercial banks you can also send money to Another UBA prepaid card. Just with the persons client ID and last four digits of his/her prepaid card number.

You can also send money to Microfinance bank, other financial institutions, Merchant banks, Primary mortgage banks and mobile money operators. We bet you have not used any of these features before now but you can try it out now. Just get the client ID of a friend, enter the last four digit of his/her debit card, enter the amount to send, click Transfer, confirm transaction, click OK and Boooomm its done.

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2. Buy Data: We know you have been using the UBA mobile banking App to buy airtime but have you bought data directly with it. Yes the Update App now allows for you to directly pay for data plans from any network. Instead of buying airtime and using code to covert to data just buy the data directly.

To do this just sign into your UBA mobile banking App(using your phone number and password), click on Buy Airtime, select the network type and select the amount of data you wish to buy. Its that simple. You need to buy data sharp sharp on the go then start using this feature now. See picture below.

UBA Bank Mobile App

3. Live Chat: Many times you go to bank to lay complaints about your account. But the truth is you are actually walking with UBA customer agents in your pocket. Yes with the live chat feature of the UBA mobile banking App you can lay your complaints anywhere. You don’t have to go to the bank or stand in queues. Just a simple tap on the Live Chat button in your banking App and you can connect with a UBA customer agent that solves your problems right there. You didn’t know but now you know.

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4. My Inbox: Mostly overlooked by many customers. But this is one of the most important part of the UBA banking App. The My Inbox gives you latest news updates about UBA and the CEO of the company. Want to stay ahead with offers, latest news about Tony Elumelu foundation then make use of The My Inbox notifications more often. See picture below.

UBA Bank Mobile App

5. Insurance and Investment: Did you know that aside from Cable TV bills, Online shopping and Phone bills you can actually pay for insurance with UBA bank mobile App. Yes the UBA App is linked with six different insurance companies that allows you to pay for their services on the go. CLICK HERE to read our articles about using the UBA mobile app to pay for insurance. See picture below.

UBA Bank Mobile App

Okay, Okay we know you did’t know these features are in your mobile banking App but now you know. Did i hear you said wow and thank you Mntrends, Yeaah you are welcome. Go and make full use of your banking app now and enjoy using the UBA bank mobile App. Need a download link look around the website for a secure download link from Google PlayStore.


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