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Why More NNU Members Are Selling Their NNU Accounts

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Just few weeks after registering for NNU accounts, some members are now selling their NNU accounts. The question is why are they selling their accounts. Well Mntrends ask some questions and below is our findings why some NNU members are selling their accounts.


1. Disappointment: most peeks thought that NNU was a very quick way to make quick money. But it turned out that NNU does requires some level of work to earn. NNU pay N300 per post prior to it upgrade and after its upgrade its started paying N100 per post shared. This change did not go down well with some members hence they feel disappointed and are selling their accounts.

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2. Multiple Accounts: This is one major reason why some persons are selling their account. Some persons wanted to benefit from referral bonus hence they registered multiple accounts. And now that they find out they can’t manage those accounts they decided to sell some and keep just one(the mother account).

3. Time Factor: Making money from NNU requires some measure of time. For example, login everyday, share posts, read and comment. Some persons don’t have that time to spend in a website hence they just decide to sell off the account and face their daily activities.

4. Dormant Account: Due to some factors known to some persons they have been unable to keep their account active. Maybe due to power supply, internet connection or some their stuff. Why have a dormant NNU account when you can sell it for cash. So they opt for selling the account instead and making some money. You know how the saying goes ” Half bread is better than Kpom-Kpof”.

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5. Lost Interest: Some persons simply lost interest in NNU. We all have lost interest in something we though we would enjoy doing, it’s normal. And in NNU the case is Kit that different as some person that were active lost interest due to some reasons known to them.

The above reasons were gathered from the internet and social media like Facebook groups about reasons why some persons are selling their account. You can tell use why you want to sell or buy  NNU accounts via your comment below.


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