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When Will Nigerian Government Focus Its Attention On NNU Operations

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The best prediction is that the Nigerian government will likely look into NNU operations after the coming elections. With the political tensions in the air right now, the government is not even looking at what most people are going into. Some of the top offices in the Nigerian government seems to be opened for debate. Politicians are migrating from one party to another and this seems like the right time for NNU to flourish in the country.

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Remember when MMM and other ponzi was dominating the country somewhere last year, the government didn’t keep mute. And our best guess is when election is over and after all is said and done, the government will turn it’s face to NNU operations and those behind it.


We can’t categorically tell what will happen but from experience and from history we can come to some rightful conclusion. Note that the conclusions below are predictions

1. Government will definitely issue warnings to the general public about avoiding schemes like NNU. They will check out how many members it has, how long it has been in existence and those behind it.

2. There is a 90% chance that the government will move against NNU operations. This means that they won’t support NNU and will likely be against it. Even the Nigerian government have not fully embraced cryptocurrency that is seen as the future of payment.

3. Since NNU has no known office and not a registered company, the government might demand that those responsible should come and do some recognized paper work if their intentions are genuine.

4. NNU can’t be totally shut down by the government since its hosted online. But they can use media release to frustrate the NNU platform into making people fear to put in money and his won’t be good for the NNU platform.

5. The Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) might request banks to monitor bank transactions and any suspicious account be investigated. This might however make NNU come up with another strategy of making payments. But like we said its a speculations we’ll see how it goes.

The NNU dream is still young and it seem this is the perfect timing for it to grow. However while NNU can make use of the political atmosphere of the country to run its operations, the condition might not be same in the future. The question now is, under severe circumstances how long will NNU survive. Well only time will tell what will happen when the government turns its attention towards NNU operations.


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