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WhatsApp Dark Mode Soon To Hit Your Phone

WhatsApp dark mode
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According to a twitter based-leaker, WhatsApp dark mode is soon to hit your phone.

Dark mode is advantageous, especially for those who use their phone into late night. The adoption of WhatsApp dark mode means the background of the app will be converted from white to black or a dark color. This would be seen as advantageous by many mobile device users.

In addition, it is less stressful on non-LCD panels, which must actively power the pixels responsible for the pale background. OLED panels may also have a reduced risk of burn-in with dark modes. And it also reduces eye strain.

YouTube knowing the advantage of dark mode has since included the option for dark mode in the latest update of its Android app.

Now, a leak released by a Twitter user suggests that WhatsApp is about to follow suit. The tweet claims to be able to “exclusively reveal” that the app’s developers are working on a non-bright mode. However, the ‘leaker’ (@WABetaInfo) did not mention which platforms will be able to access this option.


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