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What we know so far About The iPhone XS and Apple Watch 4

iPhone XS
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Apple will officially unveil their new products Next week Wednesday September 12th. Among the products they will unveil are the iPhone XS smartphone, the iPhone 9 and also the new Apple Watch 4.

However, we recently saw some leaked press renders of the new iPhone XS and Apple Watch 4, these were apparently leaked direct from Apple.

While we waiting till next week Wednesday, here are what we know so far about the soon to be release Apple products.

The design of the new iPhone XS smartphone will be similar to that of the existing iPhone X. The Apple Watch 4 features a display which is larger than the previous one and comes to the edge of the watch.

The iPhone XS will exist in two kind. One will have 5.8 inch display and the other with a 6.5 inch display, both phones will come with the new Apple A12 processor and will feature dual cameras too.

While on the other hand, the iPhone 9 will come with a 6.1 inch LCD display and will apparently feature a single rear camera, plus the same processor as the XS.

The official and full specifications of the Apple three products, iPhone XS, iPhone 9 and Apple Watch 4, will be reveal Next Week during the official launch.


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