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What are The Similarities Between NNU and MMM



NNU and MMM does share some very close similarities. Although they are both two different platforms owned and managed by two separate groups, but they use same ideology in their operations. Let’s try and explore more of these similarities.

NNU and MMM The Similarities

MMM had no central bank account number which makes it difficult to to hold anyone responsible for its operations. NNU also does not have any known account number. NNU have agents and they sell registration voucher. In a case of a sudden shut down you cannot hold these ones responsible as they are only agents. They can quickly claim you paid for a business transaction or something like that. And since NNU is not included in the transaction you won’t have a legal case against them.

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MMM was built around its the involvement of its members. NNU is also built around the active members of the community. MMM thrive as a pyramid scheme(more referrals Equals stability). NNU also works on this principle as the more members they get the stronger they become.

Summary of the similarities between NNU and MMM below

1. No known central account hence no one is truly responsible for the operations.

2. No known financial institution with local address name MMM or NNU.

3. No government recognition of any sort.

4. Both thrive on referral(pyramid scheme)

5. Both are like ponzi schemes (uses the money of early investors to pay old investors and the circle continues)

6. MMM was not registered with any government and so is NNU.

7. Bit are HYIP(high yield investment program)

8. None of them have guarantees as you participate at personal risk.

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9. Both have well built website(this might be funny but it’s true, their website is well structure with fast loading time)

10. Every investor had the choice to invest with MMM and you can also decide to take your chances with NNU.

NNU and MMM are not that different from each other. It’s just another scheme with different name, different website, managed by different team with similar goals and mode of operation.


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