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What Are The Prices of The New iPhone Xr, Xs and Xs Max

iPhone Xr and xs
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The long awaited talk about ‘Gather round’ iPhone event has come and now gone. However, the newly released iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and Xs Max won’t be leaving the wall of the streets anytime soon.

According to many, The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are the two new flagship devices, replacing the iPhone X. While the iPhone Xr is replacing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8.

But the big question still remains, how much will it cost you to own one of these devices? Well, here’s a quick rundown of how much you’re going to pay for those devices.

The iPhone Xs is are available with 64GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage for $999 — add more money for those upgrades. You need to add $100 on top of that for the iPhone Xs Max with a bigger display (it starts at $1,099). There are three different colors — silver, gold and space gray.

The iPhone Xr replaces the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It will start at $749 for 64GB, with 128GB and 256GB also available. There will be plenty of color options — white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red.

Don’t be confused, as the iPhone Xr is the entry-level device of this year’s iPhone lineup. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are the exact same phone in two different screen sizes. They are the premium devices in the lineup, with a better display, better cameras and better material (stainless steel).

As for the iPhone Xs, you can start ordering on Friday and shipments start on September 21st. While Pre-orders of the iPhone Xr will start on October 19th and ship in October 26th.


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