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Understand High Risk Investment and Low Risk Investment

High risk investment
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High risk investment

Many people only know that high risk investment is an investment where you stake money with high possibility of losing the money. While low risk investment is the investment where your money is most likely sure to come back with profit. But there are more to these types of investments, let’s try and see some more interesting information about these two type of investment.

Aside from the basic understanding of high risk and low risk investment, we’ll be looking at time frame, return of investment, types of investment under these two investments options.


This type of investment goes beyond what is at stake. By what is at stake we mean how much was/is the investment capital. Some of the high risk investment platforms allows for persons to start investment from as low as 10$. The capital is not the main factor in high risk investment but the possibility of a return.

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In most of these schemes, the possibility of a return falls below 40%. This means that should you invest low or high there is a 40% chance you’ll lose your investment. The time frame attached to some of these platforms is relatively small. For take forex trading for example, it has the option of cashing out every 1 mins. Some forex exchange offers as high is 90% profit in 1 mins.

This means that if you used $1,000 in trading forex within a min there is the possibility of gaining $1,900 as return of investment. Hey don’t get carried away by the profit above, as the possibility of losing the said money above falls below 40%. Granted there have been some persons that have mastered the art of binary and they are doing great. But that doesn’t mean there are no losses associated with it.

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Finally the types of investments that are considered to be high risk. Forex(or any form of binary trading), ponzi schemes and high paying cryptocurrency mining websites. All the above mentioned schemes are high risk as there are possibilities that you would lose your money.


Low risk investments are investments that the probability of returns is above 60%. And this type of investment also gives moderate return of your investment. The time frame for this investment might be long term or short term. For some it usually takes 50 weeks while some 75 weeks.

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The return of low risk investment is somehow low but its a better way to invest. Better Way because it gives you the option of a more possible return of invest. For example, Miropass A-Mart is an online shopping more that uses your money to trade and pay you 3% weekly for 50 weeks. Now 3% is low but it’s safe as the possibility of returns is above 70%. You can CLICK HERE to join a WhatsApp group and ask questions about Miropass Investment.

A typical example of low risk investment is buying and hodl bitcoin. This is low risk as the price of bitcoin might go up or down but it’s always tradeable. If you have bitcoin stored up for more than 4 years you can also sell it. Although you might make only few bucks if you have small number of btc but it will surely pay off.

High risk investment or low risk it’s a matter of choice. High risk investment brings more profit but chances of success falls below 40%. Low risk brings low/moderate profit but chances of success is usually above 70%. So choose wisely.



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