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NNU Income Expo: Follow These Steps To Increase Your NNU Monthly Income

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Making money from NNU income is very simple. But with the recent policy update NNU users can make use of some help to increase their NNU monthly income In this article, we’ll show you some few tips to boost your NNU monthly income. Please note that the steps outlined below are legal and does not break any known NNU rules.

1. Read All Recent News

The NNU platform pays its investors N2 for every post/news they read daily. This means that if you can read 500 posts or news you’ll make approximately extra N1,000 daily. You might wonder how long it will take for one to read 500 news, well its simple. The NNU platform is designed to  take record of every link you click. This means that if you click any news link even without reading and you quickly go back it’s valid.

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So with good internet network, you can just click on a link once the page loads go back and click another(It doesn’t matter if you truly read the news or not). Do this for about 1 hour and you might end up successfully reading about 400 posts which is equal to N800. In the future maybe NNU might come up with some policy to checkmate this but for now its a sure way to boost your NNU monthly income.

2. Comments on News

Every comment on a news post also attracts N2. This has no trick all you need do is just click on the news go to the comment section and place a comment. Note that your comment must be interactive not just a YES, NO, OKAY, NICE, WONDERFUL or something like that. You can write something like YES I AGREE WITH THIS IDEA, or NO THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL, ITS IS UNACCEPTABLE, NICE THIS ARTICLE IS WELL PUT TOGETHER AND ITS MAKING REAL SENSE.

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The comments sample above are very easy to write but are also meaningful. You just have to be creative when writing your comments. Now if you do step 1 and 2 correctly and everyday you read and comment on 400 news then you might be making N1,600 + N50(daily log in) + N100(Posts shared)= N1,750 daily. Note that you can even read and comment on more than 500 posts daily its up to you.

3. Referral Bonus

This is the best way to boost your NNU monthly income by inviting others. For each person you register with your referral link you get N1,000. This means that if you can invite 7 persons in a week you’ll get N7,000 every week. The truth is the number of money you can make from referrals depend on how hard you are willing to work to bring in more persons under you. You can even make up to N21,000 monthly from just referring users to join NNU.

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Now the card is on the table its your turn to play lets see the move you have left. Play wisely and play safely so as not to stack too much and loose too much. You can start using the simple logic above to shoot your NNU monthly income over the roof. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to help other NNU members boost their NNU monthly income. Happy earnings


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