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Nigerian Government To Ban The Activities of NNU Nationwide

Activities of NNU
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Activities of NNU

Will the Nigerian government out a stop to the activities of NNU in the country? That question is still up for debate as the government is currently focus on the upcoming election. But here is what we do know from past experiences about the Nigerian government and how it responds to schemes like NNU.

In time past the Nigerian government have kicked against platforms that works on same ideas like NNU. For example, the Nigerian government was against the activities of MMM, Twinkas and the likes. We know most of the NNU members will argue that NNU is different from MMM and the likes but they are all online scheme to make money(at the least they share that in common).

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The Nigerian government that is yet to fully embrace the use of cryptocurrencies will likely not open the doors for the activities of NNU to come in. Earlier this year the Nigerian government issued a decree that the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) should educate Nigerians about cryptocurrency and its use. It however discouraged its citizens from trading cryptocurrency. Although no ban or some strict policy is enacted yet, but the government is sure not a fan of cryptocurrencies.


In line with the above we can come some conclusions of how the Nigerian government will likely respond to the activities of NNU in the country. The country publicly showed her stand when it came to online investment in recent years. And the government was not also silent when cryptocurrency crawled into the country. Hence we don’t expect them to keep mute on the activities of NNU either.

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With time the government might look the way of NNU and it’s operations and our best guess is it won’t be in its best interest. But things can change and the government might just open its arms wide and accept the activities of NNU but that is low possibility.

Our advice is now that the activities of NNU is not on the radar of the government, you can safely participate. But be prepared for the unexpected as anything can happen. Well we won’t expect anything from a government full of surprises. Stay up to date with recent news updates, exchange reviews, investment tips and more. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @mntrendsblog.


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