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New Software, Hardware To Be Unveil At Microsoft Oct. 2 Event

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Are you ready for the Microsoft Oct. 2 Event? Well, if your fall tech event calendar was already a little full with Apple Inc. and Google, you might have to make room for one more – the Microsoft event coming up on October 2nd.

The event will most likely be focused on Surface hardware. The Surface Go was just announced a couple of weeks back, so we can tick that one off the list. A refresh to some of the existing products certainly seems plausible — the Surface Pro and Studio, among others, could certainly use them.

According to a person familiar with the company’s plan, at the Microsoft’s event, there won’t be a Surface phone or a whole new category of device. But instead updated models in existing lines, which currently include tablets and laptops will be unveil.

The Microsoft’s event invite was just as simple as the ABC alphabet, which is just a Microsoft logo and the words “a moment of your time.”Microsoft Oct. 2 event in New York

Apple holds its own event to introduce new iPhones Sept. 12, Microsoft Oct. 2 event and Google will take the stage Oct 9.

The Microsoft’s fall event kicks off at 4PM ET on October 2 in New York City. Mntrends will be there.



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