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Microsoft’s Xbox One Gets Voice Control By Alexa and Cortana

Microsoft's Xbox One X
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Microsoft’s Xbox One gets voice control feature. This rumor first surfaced some months ago,  that it may soon be possible for Xbox One users to rely on Alexa and Cortana voice commands to control their console.

However, Microsoft has now officially confirmed this to be true today. Xbox will now be capable of connecting with these digital assistants to enable voice control.

The Xbox One originally launched with a Kinect peripheral for motion controls and voice commands, but Microsoft eventually killed the accessory last year, as it now announces the Xbox Skill for Alexa and Cortana.Microsoft's Xbox One gets voice control now

The feature allows users to start games/apps, adjust volume and quickly capture screenshots and video clips. The skill is only available to U.S. gamers enrolled in the Xbox Insiders preview program for now.

To take advantage of the skill, you’ll need an Alexa-enabled device (e.g. Amazon Echo, Sonos One, Android, iOS) or a Cortana-enabled gadget (e.g. Windows 10 PC, Android, iOS).

Interestingly, a simple command such as “Alexa, start Rocket League,” will not only turn on the console, it will sign in the player, and launch their game.

This Xbox Skill is being rolled out to Xbox Insider rings gradually. Those who get it will see the Digital Assistant setting on their console in Settings > Devices.

As Microsoft’s Xbox One gets voice control, what other features do you look forward to?


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