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HYIP: How To Detect A High Yield Investment Program

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HYIP is the acronym for high yield investment program/platform. How can one detect if an investment platform is a HYIP. What are the things to look out for when trying to invest money online. We’ll try to give you the underground principles and how you can detect a HYIP.


Hight yield investment programs are those programs that offers very high return of investment with the little capital you throw in. Take for example, a program that promises $1000 return of investment in three days with a start up capital of just $10. These programs not only promises high returns of investment but also promises to do so in a short period of time.

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Lots of the recently introduced high yield investment programs are in the cryptocurrency sector. In fact there more of these programs than there are regular sites. The lists of cryptocurrency HYIP has no end and more is been introduced everyday.

To detect a high yield investment program is simple, look out for the following sins.

1. Compare the start up capital with the return of investment. If the return of investment is too good to be true then there is your first sign. Imagine it this way, an investment platform asks you to invest 0.001btc($7.4) and get 0.1btc($737). Then the hand writing is clear enough that it’s a high yield investment program.

2. The duration of the investment: This is another important factor to consider. Is the length of the investment reasonable. Imagine investing $7 to get $737 in a week or a month how possible is that. The point is, if the time is short-term then it’s not good and if the time is long-term then it’s also bad. Look for a time frame that is reasonable.

3. Social media: Use social media to find all information about the platform. Try Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube. Check if there are any reviews, comments about the platform. Check what others are saying about the platform before you decide to invest.

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4. Age of Platform: The Truth is newly launched high yield investment programs pays a lot. So ask in their telegram group or any of their social media group how long they have been operating. If its just two or three months then it’s still wise to invest. But if it’s above 6 months old be advice it won’t last any longer. Most of these investment don’t run smoothly for more than 1.6 years(a year and a half).

So now you have an idea on how to detect a HYIP so you can now decide to invest or not. You can CLICK HERE to check out some of our compiled list of recent cryptocurrency investment sites. Remember that online investment is at personal risk and invest wisely.


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