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How Much will iPhone XS Max Repair Cost You?

iPhone XS Max repair
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iPhone XS Max repair will cost you a fortune. So just in case you got one, you should take good care of it more than you should.

Currently, iPhone XS Max is the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever sold starting at $1,099. Therefore, its repair costs are greater than any iPhone as well, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Apple devices are expensive, and repairing them is expensive as well.

Apple care+ is a smartphone purchase for iPhone XS Max users, because it can reduce the cost of repairs for you. General, it’s even a smart purchase for every iPhone users.

iPhone XS Max repair will cost $599 if you don’t have AppleCare+ and your one year limited warranty has expired.

What this means therefore is that, as of this week, Apple has lowered the price of 2017’s iPhone 8 to $599. In other words, if your iPhone XS Max breaks out of warranty, it would cost you the exact same amount, right down to the dollar, to buy a brand new iPhone 8. Now you understand what we mean.

So take good care of your baby iPhone XS Max if you don’t want to spill more dollars already.


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