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Get Free Bitcoin Everyday From Using This Mobile Application

Get Free Bitcoin

To get free bitcoin is not always easy and getting it daily is even a more tedious task. In this article we’ll introduce you to an application that allows you to get free bitcoin every day. Please CLICK HERE to register for a free account using your email. After which you will be directed to download the mobile App from google playstore. Just log in with the email you signed up with, then read on to know more on how you can earn from this App.


The process is pretty simple, after accessing the email you have the options of read posts, share posts and invite friends to earn POWER. This power is then converted to allow you qualify for the bitcoin bonus of the day. Once the percentage of total POWER for that day is calculated, you are given your own share of the bonus in BTC.

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This means that the more POWER you can get for a day the more BTC bonus you can get. For each post you read you are given 200 pivot Power and for each post you share you also get 200 pivot power that allows you to get free bitcoin. The next method to earn more pivot power is through friends invite. For each successful invite you get 10,000 pivot power which qualifies you to get free bitcoin for that day.

It is important to note that pivot powers are not roll over to the next day. Your pivot power is used to give you the percentage of btc total for that day. This basically means that you have to be working everyday to get free bitcoin. With this app more pivot power equals more daily BTC.

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More update about this App will be coming your way soon. Reviews and how this app generates their bitcoin will be posted in our subsequent articles. CLICK HERE to register for a free account today and start earning free bitcoin everyday.


As at the time of writing this article, Mntrends have not withdrawn from this App but it was giving giving free bitcoin out to its users. Please note that this App does not require you to pay any money before you make withdrawal. But you can however try this method out and get free bitcoin everyday as it won’t hurt.


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