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Cryptocurrency Fraud: Top 10 Cryptocurrency Mining Fraud Strategy

Cryptocurrency crime country
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Cryptocurrency crime country

With cryptocurrency becoming popular by the day so are the strategies used for cryptocurrency fraud been updated daily. In Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Telegram more of these fraudster have different tactics to steal from cryptocurrency investors. While it is true we all want to make some more Crypto, we might eventually end up losing the little we have if we are not careful.

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Telegram bots have been set up to supposedly used in bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrency mining. Even on Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram, some persons offers to give free bitcoin at the end you end up losing the ones you have. Let’s get to spotting some tricks used by these fraudsters and avoid falling for those tricks.


1. Telegram Bot: There have been more telegram bot that offers to be mining bitcoin than any other bot combined. These telegram bot supposedly offers free bitcoin to users. But in actual sense they don’t use any processor of your phone to mine bitcoin. After offering you free bitcoin for sometime, they then request you to deposit some amount of bitcoin before you can withdraw. Don’t deposit any bitcoin before withdrawal but if you do congratulations you just got scammed.

2. Facebook Groups Scam: This is more rampant than you could imagine. In fact all Facebook cryptocurrency groups are filled with fraudster using other persons pictures to fraud others. Below are some of their strategies used on Facebook, take note of these strategies and avoid falling victim.

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Strategy One

I never knew I would make it big in binary trading/bitcoin mining despite the rate of scammers in the globe.

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Strategy Two

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The above is a typical cryptocurrency fraud post from Facebook. These posts usually have links to some Facebook profile with picture of a man. If you contact these people they ask you to deposit bitcoin. If you send them bitcoin then congratulations you just got scammed. Note do not send bitcoin to them for any reason.

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Strategy Three

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Strategy Four

Invest on a daily basis

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Strategy Five

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Strategy Six

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Strategy Seven

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Strategy Eight

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Strategy Nine

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Strategy Ten

Congratulations to some persons that earn free yesterday. I use this free bitcoin generator to earn free bitcoin inbox me for free bitcoin and you can earn free bitcoin daily.

All the above are different format used by the fraudsters online. Cryptocurrency fraud is real and more persons are falling for it. So don’t fall for cryptocurrency fraud, don’t send bitcoin to anyone. Bitcoin Mining is not free and there is nothing like free bitcoin. If the offer is too good then its not true. Stay alert and don’t fall victim for cryptocurrency fraud on Facebook.


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