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Apple Watch Series 4 Specifications, Details and Price

Apple watch series 4 specifications
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Here are the new Apple watch series 4 specifications that you should know.

Before the new Apple watch series 4 was unveiled, Apple CEO Tim Cook said ” Apple Watch isn’t just the number one smart watch, it’s the number one watch in the world period.”

While Apple COO Jeff Williams said about the new series 4 watch that, “Everything about it has been redesigned and reengineered,”

Apple Watch series 4 Specifications

• The watch comes in two sizes: the previous 38mm model is now the 40mm model, and the 42mm model is now 44mm large.

• The speaker is 50 percent louder. Than the previous Series 3

• The back of the device is now made of black ceramic and sapphire crystal

• The product’s signature Digital Crown now has haptic feedback, meaning vibrations will now occur when using watchOS 5.

• Supercharged internals power the device with Apple’s S4 chip sitting inside.
This is a 64-bit chip that is said to be two times faster than the Apple Watch Series 3.

• If the product detects immobility for 60 seconds it will call emergency services automatically and send a messaging including the user’s location.

• Most notably however the Apple Watch Series 4 can now perform an electrocardiogram. The Apple Watch can notify you if you have an unusual heart rate. Apple watch series 4

• The Apple Watch Series 4 will come pre-installed with watchOS 5 that brings a score of new features for Apple fans to get excited about.

How Much Will The Apple Watch Series 4 Price?

The hardware starts at $399 without network connectivity and goes up to $499 if you want to be able to make phone calls with it.

You can start ordering for it as from Friday and it will be shipped the following Friday, September 21.


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