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How To Make Google Chat App Video Call with Apple iPads

Apple iPads
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Googles video chap app has come to Apple iPads and Android tablets. With its latest update, the app is able to work on both iPads and Android tablets.

This new update is very useful to Apple iPads, especially since people tend to video chat at home where tablets are around and a larger screen is appreciated.

There has not been a major change in the Google Duo app since the last two years. Although starting a Duo call is not as easy like other video call apps.

However, this is a useful update, but until starting a Duo call is as easy as starting a regular phone call, people are going to keep to turning to another app they have installed that their friends are already using, be it Skype, Facebook Messenger, or something else.

Google still have more works to do if that’s the case then. So let’s be looking forward to future updates .


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