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US with the highest rate of Cryptocurrency crime [full list of Countries]

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You probably must have heard of cryptocurrency crime. So many times cryptocurreny exchanges have been hacked. And such hacked has resulted to the loss in millions of USD. At least five of the 19 exchanges suffered attacks that resulted in the loss of $80 million in cryptocurrency.

Mntrends brings to you the list of countries with the highest rate of cryptocurrency crime.

Research has shown that more than 56% of all cryptocurrency crime happens in the United States.

The rate of cryptocurrency hacks is rapidly increasing. 720 accounts across every major exchange have been compromised – and a lot of it has to do with poor security setups, especially the lack of two-factor authentication (2FA).

According to International cybersecurity firm Group-IB, the number of compromised accounts has risen 369 percent since last year.

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Moreover, Data shared with Hard Fork shows that a staggering third of all victims were located in the US. Every single one of the top 19 exchanges has been hit; and about 720 usernames and passwords stolen in total.Cryptocurrency crime



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