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Understanding Airdrops and How You Can Get Some

Photo Credit: Bitcoin KE
Photo Credit: Bitcoin KE

While most crypto lovers are spending time to look for ways to earn free bitcoin and other crypto, they look down on the best way to earn some free crypto. And that is through participation in Airdrops.


Simply put, Airdrop is a way of giving out free tokens to the public. After/During initial ICO, these tokens needs awareness and the best way to get the public to know more about these tokens is through Airdrop. With Airdrop, anyone who participated will be given some amount of tokens(equivalent to what they worked).
And when these tokens eventually hits the Market/released, they can be traded in various exchange platforms(mostly designated by the issuer).

The best thing about Airdrop is that its easy to participate in these challenges. One usually participate in Airdrops by simply linking your social media accounts. And for every social media account you linked, you win points in form of dollar and these points will be paid in the equivalent of the token. This means that
if you worked $500, 500 tokens will be sent to you.

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What Are The Benefits Of Participating In Airdrops

Most of the tokens gotten from Airdrops later increase in price and market value. Assuming a token was worth $0.5 during lauch, it may worth about $5 when it hits the market. And for someone who got 500 worth of tokens, well you can imagine how much he gets from the sales.

The major problems of Airdrop is knowing the right Airdrop as most are fraud. However, it is not uncommon to get involve in legit Airdrops. You can CLICK HERE to join our Telegram Channel and be getting alerts of legit Airdrops. You can currently join an ongoing Airdrop to earn as much as $10,000 worth of tokens.

Joining Airdrop is easy and safe and it is usually not as time consuming as most think.


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