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Sponsored Post: A Better Way To Advertise Your Business, Products and Services

sponsored posts

sponsored posts

Ever heard of sponsored posts, ever wondered what it is, how it works. Well this article will explain to you why you should use sponsored posts in advertising your business, products and services. The main aim of advert is to get people to know about what you have to offer. While banner Ads and advert is good,there is a better option to advertise your business and that is SPONSORED POSTS.

WHAT ARE SPONSORED POSTS(Better Way To Advertise Your Business)

Sponsored posts are written articles/posts that is paid for to feature in a website/blog. These posts usually give a summary of a product, describe services, analyze products or even give description of an event.


The very first reason is that sponsored posts gives readers a preview of your product. That means they get to read some things that will motivate them to buy your product or request for your services. Another fine reason is that over time people will get to search for your products and they get to see your article
as sponsored posts stays in a website forever. A well SEO optimized sponsored posts is visible to all search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo search etc.

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Sponsored posts have the potential of reaching more audience compare to normal advert. Sponsored posts have the potential to reach wider range of audience from around the globe. With sponsored posts, you get audience from the likes of Google, BING, Yahoo search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to name a few.

WHY IT IS BETTER TO SPONSOR A POST IN BLOG(Better Way To Advertise Your Business)

One might think of sponsoring a post with Facebook, Twitter and the rest. But it is best you sponsor a post with blogs and websites. For example, Mntrends have over 30,000 followers on Facebook alone. And we also have audience coming from all angle of the world. Mntrends also have groups with more than 100,000 thousand followers. on an average Mntrends have 500 daily unique visitors. Now combine 500 daily unique visitors with about 130,000 Facebook people to see a single sponsor post.

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The above analysis is only for Facebook and our average new visitors daily. What will happen when your sponsor post is shared to the likes of Twitter, Instagram etc. And you will have the guarantee that an average of 500 persons will see your post daily. So you can see that advert with Facebook and the likes is good but sponsored posts with a blog is better.

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