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What You Should Know About Sony’s new Aibo robot Dog

Sony's Aibo
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Sony’s new Aibo robot dog is coming to the United States very soon. The company revealed in an event held in New York today Aug. 23, that it plans to make the “autonomous robotic ‘puppy’ companions” available for order in September.

Moreover, the company is also planning on shipping them before the US holiday season.

Details of The Sony’s new Aibo

This new model would be better off than previous models. How? This because the new model has an array of sensors and cameras meant to make it feel more life-like.

This new model also has the ability to learn and know the faces of its owners over time. It can also develop a distinct personality based on how people interact with it. And, as it’s a new dog, you’ll also be able to teach it new tricks, as they’re made available by Sony. It also responds to other pets and soothing scratches, as any good dog would.

Availability and Price

Aibo was first started by Sony in 1999 and Sony hasn’t released an updated version since 2003. The new model was announced late last year, and the initial models sold out in Japan within minutes.

This new model should be available in the US by September and It will cost $2,899 when it launches. It will also come with a three-year cloud-storage plan, and an individually numbered dog tag.


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