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Should I upgrade from Note 8 to Samsung Note 9?

Samsung Note 9

If you love Samsung, then you should love Samsung Note 9. Why? Because Note 9 is currently the biggest and best phone produced by the tech giant, Samsung.

Why You should upgrade

First we must admit that Note 8 and Note 9 are sharing much in common. The hardware, software and capabilities are mostly the same at the core level, which makes sense if you have followed Samsung’s update cadence year after year.

But, the Note 9 does have a clear leg up in a few areas, though. For instance, Certain areas like;

1. The Battery Size: Note 9 has 4000mAh battery size, which is 21% more capacity than the Note 8. So, If you have issues with the Note 8’s battery life, the Note 9’s going to be your savior.

“This upgrade will be all about the battery for some people.”

2. Memory Space: Note 9 has an optional 512GB of internal storage unlike Note 8’s 256GB.

3. S Pen Improvement: It’s true that The S Pen is unchanged in terms of writing and drawing, but now it can be used for much more — it can launch and control apps remotely, from the camera and gallery to Powerpoint and music players.

“currently the biggest and best phone produced by the tech giant”

4. Finger Print: The fingerprint sensor placement is so much better on the Note 9 than the Note 8. It’s easy to reach and use, it’ll make you hate the Note 8’s sensor all over again. Don’t upgrade your phone just to get it — but if you do get the Note 9, thank yourself every day for this little convenience.

Well, hello! If you want to upgrade please do, Samsung Note 9 is bae. But sticking with your Note 8 ain’t a bad idea as well.


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