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Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t be a 5G Phone

Samsung Galaxy S10 phone
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Samsung Note 9 was launched sometime last week. Many were kind of disappointed that Note 9 was not a 5G phone. Well, Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t be a 5G phone too.

Just like we know, the company launches a handful of devices every year, including two flagships lines. For instance, the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 were this year’s flagship updates. And the company has started previewing its 2019 phone plans, and it’s already confirmed that its first 5G phone won’t be the Galaxy S10.

According to Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh, the company is working with South Korean carriers already to launch a 5G phone – but it won’t be the upcoming Galaxy S10.

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Many are concluding therefore that Samsung could be working on a separate 5G phone. Athough Samsung Mobile Chief gave no other details to the media, leaving many to suspect it’ll be a one-off device distinct from the Galaxy S and Note lines. It’s also unclear if it’ll be a foldable phone.

What do you think of Samsung Galaxy S10 not being a 5G Phone?


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