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Practical Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

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The internet is currently buzzing with ways to earn free bitcoin and other cryptocurrency like ethereum. But it seems that mots times people fall for fraud more often. In this article, Mntrends will be showing our readers ways to earn free bitcoin and possibly other crypto. Saying free does not mean you won’t have to do anything. But by completing simple tasks and sharing some few links on social media, you can just be earning about $100 worth of crypto. So lets get started


Affiliate Links: Most bitcoin and crypto platforms and even exchange platforms pay you for inviting users to their platform. take for example, the Remitano, Coinbase and Paxfull wallet providers pays you for every person you referred. What you can do is, just go to these websites, create and account with them and get your referral link and start referring people. The good thing is that these links can be shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Join Freebitco.in: Freebitco.in is an online gambling website that allows you to multiply your bitcoin. Aside from this feature, it also offers its users the opportunity to earn free bitcoin every 60 secs(1mins). And for every 0.001 bitcoin you keep in your freebitco.in wallet, they pay you percentage. And if you want to
earn more, you can get your referral link and start earning as you invite more users to the platform. And if you really want to earn more, you should try the multiply bitcoin game.

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Join Airdrop: Airdrop is basically the best way to free bitcoin as it gives free tokens to the public. When you join an Airdrop, you are paid for doing some promotion job online. One can earn as much as $10,000 worth of tokens from simply participating in an Airdrop. To participate in an Airdrop, you need social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkID etc. you will also be given instructions on how to get the tokens sent to you. Just follow the instructions from the respective website. You can join our Telegram Channel to be aware of recent Airdrops. There is currently an Airdrop going on and you can CLICK HERE to join our Telegram Channel to get the details.

Getting free bitcoin and other crypto is very simple. We call it free because you don’t have to spend money to get these crypto. For recent and updated news on current Airdrop CLICK HERE to join our Telegram Channel.


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